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The Next EuroMillions Superdraw Will Take Place On 3rd July 2020

The next EuroMillions Superdraw has been scheduled to take place on 3rd July 2020. It will offer a jackpot worth €130 million (approximately £115 million) and will be the first Superdraw to take place since February of this year.

How to Enter the Superdraw

To participate in the Superdraw all you have to do is purchase a ticket for the EuroMillions draw on Friday 3rd July. You can play in-store and online and you don’t have to do anything else to enter. The rules of the game are exactly the same as any standard draw: match all five numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the nine-figure prize.

New EuroMillions Jackpot Cap Could Be Reached

The previous Superdraw in February took place to tie in with the biggest changes to EuroMillions in years. There was an overhaul of the prize structure, which meant that the jackpot will now reach €100 million even quicker, and it was also announced that EuroMillions Superdraws will take place more frequently every year.

One of the biggest and most exciting changes concerned the jackpot cap. Prior to February, the EuroMillions jackpot could reach a maximum of €190 million - once it reached that much it hit its cap and could not rise any higher. 

The jackpot is now allowed to reach €200 million, an increase of €10 million on the previous cap. What’s more, there are new rules in place that allow it to reach even bigger amounts in the future.

When the €200 million cap is reached and the jackpot has been won, the cap will increase by another €10 million to €210 million. Once that cap has been hit and the jackpot is won again, it will increase again, and so on until it reaches a true maximum of €250 million.

Superdraws offer the best chance that the jackpot cap will be reached, because the top prize will be bumped to a guaranteed nine-figure amount - such as the €130 million on offer in July’s Superdraw - regardless of what it was in the preceding draw. That means that whole weeks’ worth of rollovers can be skipped in one go.

For example, a EuroMillions Superdraw took place on 15th September 2017 but the €130 million jackpot was not won on the night. Instead, it took just five rollovers for it to reach the €190 million cap, before it was won by a ticket holder from Spain.

Compare that to the incredible run of 18 rollovers that took the jackpot from its starting value of €17 million all the way to the €190 million cap between July and September 2019. The eventual winner got the same amount as the Spanish winner from 2017, it just took a lot longer for the jackpot to reach its maximum.

Regardless of whether it is won on the night or rolls over to its cap, the Superdraw on 3rd July is one of the most exciting events of the year for EuroMillions players. Ticket sales close around an hour before the draw is due to take place - enter in-store or online.

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Published: Tue, 2 June 2020 - 10:33am
Last Updated: Tue, 2 June 2020 - 11:32am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com