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EuroMillions Jackpot Tops £120 Million After Superdraw Rollover

Friday night’s EuroMillions Superdraw ended in a rollover, pushing the jackpot up to an estimated £124 million (€143 million) for the next draw on Tuesday. The top prize is now likely to keep growing very rapidly until it is won.

No Superdraw Jackpot Winner

The winning numbers for the draw on Friday 9th September were all in the lower range - 17, 23, 24, 26 and 27, with Lucky Stars 4 and 9. More than 3.5 million ticket holders picked up prizes, but nobody matched the winning line exactly.

As it was a Superdraw, the jackpot had been bumped up to £112 million (€130 million), despite the fact that a similar-sized prize pot had been snapped up just seven days earlier on 2nd September. Normally it would take several weeks of rollovers for such a grand jackpot to accumulate.

Go to the EuroMillions Results page to find out all the details from recent draws, including a prize breakdown from each country.

Jackpot Cap Could Be Triggered Again

The jackpot will now continue to rise with each passing rollover until someone matches all the numbers. If that does not happen soon, the top prize will eventually reach its €240 million (approximately £210 million) limit.

This limit, also known as the jackpot cap, is in place to generate even more excitement. Fans of the game know when there has to be a winner, and what happens when the limit is hit.

Once the jackpot cap is triggered, the top prize can only stay at that value for a maximum of four draws before it must be won in the subsequent draw. If there are still no tickets that match all the numbers in that draw (the fifth at the cap), the entire jackpot will be split between players in the Match 5 + 1 category.

The jackpot cap has been allowed to increase in €10 million increments over the past couple of years. It goes up each time it is hit, most recently happening in July when a UK player won the maximum €230 million (worth £195 million).

It took less than a month for the previous jackpot cap to be activated after a Superdraw in June, so it may be that another record is set by early October.

If you want to try and grab the jackpot before it gets any higher, you can take part now for your chance to win. Pick your numbers online or buy a ticket from an authorised retailer in any of the participating countries.

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Published: Mon, 12 September 2022 - 8:59am
Last Updated: Mon, 12 September 2022 - 9:04am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com