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EuroMillions Review of the Year for 2021

It has been a record-breaking year for EuroMillions, with the largest jackpots ever seen and millions of prize winners. As 2021 draws towards a close, look back at the biggest events from the past 12 months.

The year started in fine style as a UK player pocketed £39 million on 1st January, and the big wins have kept coming ever since. The jackpot has grown rapidly between draws, while there have been four Superdraws in 2021 to bump up the top prize without the need for rollovers.

Swiss Success

The first Superdraw of the year was held in February and paved the way for a new record to be set for the biggest win in EuroMillions history, with the jackpot climbing all the way up to its limit of €210 million.

The money ended up going to a single ticket holder from Switzerland on 26th February. They came from the German-speaking region of the country and purchased their entry online, spending just CHF 7.00 on taking part.

The win came less than three months after a player from France had scooped €200 million in December 2020 to become the game’s biggest winner, as EuroMIllions rules now allow for the jackpot cap to increase by €10 million after the previous maximum prize has been reached.

New Record Goes To Tahiti

The Swiss win in February left the new jackpot cap at €220 million, and the top prize hit its new limit in October following another Superdraw a few weeks earlier.

Again, there was just one winner when the jackpot was finally won, and it turned out to be a player who was not located in Europe at all. The lucky winner was actually based in Tahiti, where tickets are sold because it is part of French Polynesia - the Pacific Games is one of the subsidiaries of French National Lottery operator Française des Jeux.

Remarkably, the winner revealed that she had never previously bought a ticket. She said she would continue to live as normally as possible, ‘walking around in bare feet’, but would go and discover the snow she had never seen before.

In total, seven jackpots worth more than €100 million have been given away this year. The draw on 31st August also made a bit of history as it was the first time that more than two players have split the jackpot since EuroMillions underwent its last major set of changes in 2016. Three ticket holders – one each from UK, France and Belgium, shared a prize of £54 million.

Special Draws

As well as the four Superdraws, a number of other special draws have been held in 2021. The UK National Lottery has scheduled multiple Millionaire Maker events throughout the year.

There were 20 millionaires created on one night on 2nd July, 13 prizes of £1 million were given away to mark Friday 13th August, and many more big events took place. The year will end with 10 more players guaranteed to become millionaires on 31st December.

More To Come In 2022

There are sure to be more big draws and special promotions in 2022. On 21st January, the European Millionaire Maker raffle will return after almost four years, giving away 100 prizes of £1 million (€1 million).

The jackpot cap is currently worth €230 million and could be triggered again in the coming months. Rules allow for the limit to keep increasing until it gets to €250 million.

To give yourself a chance of winning, take part every Tuesday and Friday online or by going to an authorised retailer in any of the nine participating countries.

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Published: Fri, 31 December 2021 - 10:44am
Last Updated: Fri, 31 December 2021 - 10:56am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com