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EuroMillions Superdraw Offers Jackpot of €100 Million Tonight

EuroMillions fans will have a chance to scoop a jackpot of €100 million (approximately £71 million) tonight as the first Superdraw in five months takes place. The phenomenal top prize is sure to attract a rush of late ticket sales across the continent as players from London to Lisbon go in search of a life-changing sum of money.

The previous Superdraw, held on 5th June, rolled over on the night before being won the following Friday, 12th June, when one lucky UK participant pocketed £93.3 million (€129.2 million). Superdraws are scheduled from time to time throughout the year and usually guarantee a jackpot of €100 million, which will continue to grow until it is won or reaches a maximum of €190 million.

If you have ever wondered what it might be possible to buy if you won a Superdraw jackpot, check out just a few of the ways you could spend €100 million. Of course, there will be lots of other great prizes up for grabs in this evening’s game without having to match all five main numbers plus both Lucky Stars, and millions of players all over Europe have been enjoying success over the last few weeks even though the top prize has not been won.

The last time the jackpot was won was on Tuesday 13th October,  when one player from the UK and another from Austria shared £23 million (€30.8 million). There has been a run of six rollovers in the last few weeks, although three entrants each picked up €374,555 in the most recent draw on Tuesday night after matching five main numbers plus one Lucky Star. Take a look at the EuroMillions Results section for details of any past draw.

One way to boost your chances of winning a prize in the Superdraw might be to join a EuroMillions syndicate, which allows you to buy shares in a larger number of tickets without having to fret over price.  A team of office workers from Merseyside, known as the ‘Magnificent Seven’ landed £45.5 million in 2009, while just last week a syndicate of 24 from a Gaelic Athletic Association club in Limerick, Ireland, showed the benefits of group play by matching five main numbers plus one Lucky Star.

Whether you decide to play in a syndicate or go it alone, tickets can be bought online or from authorised retailers in any of the participating countries. Best of luck!

Published: Fri, 6 November 2015 - 9:21am
Last Updated: Tue, 28 June 2022 - 12:50pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com