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Five Things You May Not Know About Big EuroMillions Jackpots

As EuroMillions fans look forward to the chance to try and win Friday night’s £112 million (€129 million) jackpot, there may be some players who do not know every fascinating detail about the game or the latest big prize. Read on to discover five things you might not have been aware of.

1.) The current jackpot is the 11th largest in EuroMillions history. For a game that has been running for over 13 years and recently celebrated its 1,000th draw, that’s pretty good going. A larger prize has not been available since a Belgian player scooped €168 million in October of last year, while only three UK ticket holders have ever snared bigger jackpots than Friday’s £112 million.

2.) The jackpot cap is €190 million. This means there is room for the excitement to build even more if the top prize is not won on Friday and rolls over once again. Find out more about the EuroMillions Jackpot Cap.

3.) Friday has proved to be the luckiest day for EuroMillions players, with 299 jackpots being won on the final day of the working week compared to just 66 on a Tuesday. The month of May has also had 32 jackpot winners since EuroMillions launched, placing it joint fifth in the list of the luckiest months. If there is a single winner on Friday, they will also become the 12th player to win a jackpot on the 26th day of a month.

4.) UK players have won more more than £7 billion in combined prizes since the first EuroMillions draw took place on 13th February 2004, including 65 jackpot winners. France has proved to be the most successful of the nine participating countries so far, with 85 jackpot winners and over €8.3 billion given away in prizes.

5.) EuroMillions has a total of 13 prize tiers so it is possible to receive a payout just by matching two of the main numbers. When a big jackpot is available it leads to more players picking numbers, and as such there is a bigger prize fund even for the smaller prize tiers and usually there are more winners. For example, the last time the jackpot was at its minimum level of €17 million (£14.4 million) on Friday 14th April, there were a total of 1.8 million winners, while in the last three draws when the jackpot has been larger there have been 2.2 million, 3.4 million and 2.4 million winners respectively.

You can visit the Winners page to find out more stats about jackpot successes as the clock ticks down towards Friday’s gigantic draw. If you want to snap up the top prize you will have to select your numbers, and you can do so online or by visiting an authorised retailer in one of the participating countries. Good luck!

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Published: Thu, 25 May 2017 - 11:00am
Last Updated: Mon, 10 July 2017 - 2:13pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com