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Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw Offers €130 Million Jackpot

There will be an opportunity to try and win €130 million (approximately £111 million) this Friday night, when a summer Superdraw will offer one of the largest EuroMillions jackpots of the year.

The jackpot has only just reset to its minimum value after being won by a UK player on 10th June, but it will jump up by more than €100 million for the next draw on 17th June.

The last Superdraw was more than four months ago on 4th February, when a UK player won the jackpot on the night. They came forward a few days later to claim the jackpot anonymously.

Another huge jackpot developed later in the spring, forcing the postponement of a planned €130 million Superdraw in April. Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucester eventually won €215 million (£184 million) on 10th May. 

Under normal circumstances, it would take a few weeks of the jackpot roiling over for it to hit €130 million, but someone in Europe could land the specially enhanced prize before the weekend.

Superdraws only take place a few times a year, using money from the Reserve Fund to put up jackpots worth nine figures.

Superdraw Jackpots Set in Euros

The EuroMillions jackpot is always set in Euros as that is the currency used by seven of the nine participating countries. The top prize for a Superdraw is usually announced as €130 million.

The equivalent amount in pounds sterling can only be finalised on the day of a draw, based on the current exchange rate. When the pound is weak against the Euros, it actually works out better for jackpot winners in the UK.

Other prize amounts are calculated using a slightly different formula and take into account the contribution that each country makes to the prize fund considering the strength of their currency at the time. If you want to find out more, go to the Prizes page.

Biggest EuroMillions Winners

The Superdraw jackpot will roll over on Friday if there’s no winner and an even larger amount would be offered in the following draw. It could even be that a new record is set in the coming weeks.

The biggest jackpot seen so far in EuroMillions has been €220 million, which went to a woman from Tahiti in French Polynesia last October. The jackpot cap was subsequently lifted to €230 million.

The Thwaites currently rank second in the list of biggest winners, with players from Switzerland and France making up the rest of the top four.

You’ll be able to find out straight after Friday’s draw whether the latest colossal jackpot has been won or is on its way towards the upper limits of the game. Take part now for your chance to win.

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Published: Wed, 15 June 2022 - 10:23am
Last Updated: Wed, 15 June 2022 - 10:24am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com