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How A Scottish EuroMillions Syndicate Engineered A Big Win

A syndicate of colleagues from Scotland have come forward to collect almost £100,000 after winning big on EuroMillions last month. They had no idea they had done so well until one member of the group handed their tickets in to be checked at a local retailer and was told the prize was too much to be paid out in-store.

The 14 co-workers, from Ross-shire Engineering in Muir of Ord near Inverness in the Highlands, have been playing together for 15 years. Eileen Logan is in charge of organising the tickets and got a very pleasant surprise when she popped in to the Co-op on Great North Road in Muir of Ord after the draw on Friday 22nd March.

Speaking as they picked up their cheque, Logan said: “We've had our syndicate since about 2004 and I normally pop to our local Co-op every Thursday to check tickets and put new ones on. My most recent visit was really unexpected, especially when the shop assistant handed me back our winning ticket saying it was too big to pay out.”

Logan took the ticket home to check the results online and was stunned by what she discovered. The group had not quite landed the jackpot but had matched five main numbers plus one Lucky Star - landing them a total of £99,307. Split 14 ways, it meant that each member of the group had suddenly become more than £7,000 richer.

Claiming a EuroMillions Syndicate Prize

Logan needed to contact National Lottery operator Camelot by phone to confirm the win and kick off the claims process, before telling the rest of the syndicate. The good news has also been well received by their colleagues who did not own a share of the ticket.

“I've certainly not had a lot of peace at work this week and our boss is very pleased for us - although he said he was glad it wasn't a bigger amount as he would be losing a lot of his workforce this week,” said Logan.

The winners have already celebrated together with a drink at their local pub and are now starting to think about what they will do with the rest of their money. A number of them are looking forward to exotic holidays, while one has even set their sights on buying a motorbike.

Why Play In A EuroMillions Syndicate?

The group’s success shows just how fruitful it can be to play together, and it is estimated that around one in five UK lottery prizes are claimed by syndicates. The main benefit is that it is easier to purchase multiple lines, which is the only way to increase your chances of winning.

If you are part of a 14-strong syndicate, for example, you can buy 14 sets of numbers and only pay as much individually as you would for a single line. If you choose to play alone, you may find the cost of purchasing so many tickets off-putting.

You have to split any prizes if you play in a group, but the Scottish syndicate’s story shows the joy you can experience when you win together. Go to the Syndicates page to find out more about what you should do if you are joining forces with co-workers, friends or neighbours.

An alternative way to play in a group is to join an online syndicate, where all the organisational work is done on your behalf. Regardless of how you decide to play, there is a £67 million jackpot up for grabs on Tuesday night and 12 other ways to win.

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Published: Mon, 8 April 2019 - 10:53am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com