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How Much Does it Cost to Play EuroMillions and What Do I Get?

It costs £2.50 to play EuroMillions in the UK, if you play a single line of five main numbers and two Lucky Stars. Across the rest of Europe, the price is €2.50, except in Austria, where players pay €2.20 per line, and Switzerland, which charges CHF3.50 for a single selection. However, you don’t just get a shot at the eight or nine-figure jackpot, you can win in any of 13 prize tiers as well as in your country’s supplementary game.

EuroMillions Ticket Price Breakdown

UK players pay £1.65 of the £2.50 ticket price to play the main EuroMillions draw, with the remaining 85p acting as their entry into Millionaire Maker, a UK-only raffle game that guarantees to award at least two prizes of £1 million in every draw. You cannot play either game separately, if you enter one, you enter the other.

In the Euro nations, the cost of playing the main draw is €2.20, with the additional 30c funding participation into each country’s own additional draw. In France, this is My Million, where one millionaire is created every time, whilst Ireland has the Ireland Only Raffle, Spain plays El Millón, Belgians take part in My Bonus, Luxembourgers try their luck in Extra Lux and the Portuguese have M1lhão. Austrians only pay €2.20 for a EuroMillions ticket and must pay €1.30 extra if they wish to enter Austria Joker too.

In Switzerland, CHF3 of the ticket price pays for EuroMillions, whilst CHF0.50 funds Swiss Win, as it is known in the French-speaking areas or 2 Chance, which is the German name.

Distribution of Revenue

For every EuroMillions line played, 50 percent of the ticket price is dedicated to the prize fund, ensuring that jackpots begin at €17 million (around £15 million) and grow quickly with rollovers. However, as well as playing for huge sums of money twice a week, the money you pay to a retailer or online also helps people in your community.

Each of the individual lottery companies that offer the game across the nine participating countries donates a chunk of the EuroMillions ticket price to worthy causes. In the UK, 70p from every EuroMillions line goes to the National Lottery’s Good Causes Fund, which distributes grants to projects relating to sports, the arts, heritage, health, education and the environment throughout the nation.

Once the prizes and charitable donations are taken, the rest of the ticket price is used for operating costs, commissions to retailers, government lottery duty and, in some countries, profit for the operator. Take a look at the Distribution of Revenue page to find out how your local lottery deals with the money it takes in EuroMillions sales.

EuroMillions Jackpot

You can play tonight for another chance to get your hands on the £85 million (€97 million) EuroMillions jackpot or a prize in one of the supplementary games. Visit any retailer in a participating country to buy EuroMillions tickets or, alternatively, choose your numbers online now. During December, you can pick up a free online scratchcard when you bet on EuroMillions at Jackpot.com.

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Published: Tue, 5 December 2017 - 11:18am
Last Updated: Wed, 12 April 2023 - 3:18pm
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