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How To Keep Your EuroMillions Ticket Safe After Winning A Prize

It is not always possible to come forward and claim a EuroMillions prize immediately. It may be that you have other important business to attend to or that bad weather prevents a ticket validation appointment from taking place straight away. Even if everything can be arranged quickly, there will be an awkward period when you have to keep this precious piece of paper safe and secure. Here’s how you can go about it:

Sign The Back Of Your Ticket

If you discover that you are due a prize, it is advised that you sign the back of your ticket if you have not already done so in order that it can be identified as yours. If you lost your winning entry and it fell into somebody else’s hands, they would not be able to claim the money if it had your name on it. They may even contact an official to try and help reunite you with your ticket.

Keep The Ticket Safe

A prize cannot be paid out if your ticket has been lost, stolen or damaged, so make sure to keep your entry somewhere safe until you are ready to come forward. An Irishman, based in Munster, has this week revealed that he did not let a ticket worth €500,000 out of his sight for a week after realising that he had landed €500,000 on EuroMillions Plus on Friday 23rd February.

The lucky player had to wait to get to Irish National Lottery headquarters in Dublin due to the snowy conditions, and was determined not to take any chances with his ticket. “I kept the ticket in my work jacket during the day, and put it in the bedside locker every night,” said the man, who has decided to remain anonymous.

Consider Who To Tell

There is nothing wrong with sharing the news of a big EuroMillions win with close friends and family, but it is probably not the best idea to broadcast it to everyone before you have come forward. The Irish winner from Munster says that he had to keep his emotions under control when he discovered that he had won as a neighbour was in the house at the time.

He recalled: “I locked myself into the bathroom, and couldn’t believe it when I realised I had won. I was determined that nobody outside the family knows about the win so I couldn’t wait for the neighbour to leave so I could let out a big cheer and celebrate with my wife!”

Choose Numbers Online

One way to make sure that you do not have to worry about keeping a ticket safe is to choose your numbers online. If you win a prize online, you will be automatically notified and paid out smaller amounts. Even if you win a big prize like Friday’s £45 million (€50 million) jackpot, you will be guided through the claims process and do not have to worry about your numbers being lost.

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Published: Wed, 7 March 2018 - 9:17am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 April 2018 - 2:00pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com