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Improve Your Odds of Winning before EuroMillions Changes

Tonight’s EuroMillions draw is the last under the current rules and players across Europe will be hoping to see out the old regime with a bang by snapping up the £20 million (€23 million) jackpot. From Tuesday’s draw, an additional Lucky Star will be added to the matrix and a host of exciting extra games will be launched across almost all of the participating countries, but did you know that playing in a syndicate could increase your chances of scooping tonight’s eight-figure bounty before the changes come into force?

USA Mega Millions - Tonight's estimated jackpot:
$489 Million
It's a 17× Rollover!


Time remaining:

Create an Offline Syndicate

Syndicates involve a group of players clubbing together to buy a large number of tickets at a manageable outlay for each member, sharing any prizes that they win. As your chances of winning improve with every ticket that you buy for a draw, these lottery groups can slash their odds of picking up a number of awards in the same draw, hopefully including the jackpot! UK and French syndicates will also benefit from having multiple opportunities to win the supplementary Millionaire Maker and My Million draws too, as they will receive one code entering them into these games for every EuroMillions line they play.

Some syndicates are formed in workplaces or between friends or family members and, if you are thinking of creating your own group, you should make sure you have a syndicate agreement signed by all the members to avoid arguments about money or any potential tax implications.

You might also want to look at the numbers you choose to play and how you can give yourself the best possible chance of winning tonight’s bounty. It is worth coordinating your picks so you cover all 11 Lucky Stars, meaning you are guaranteed to match those drawn in Paris this evening somewhere on your tickets. Please note, if your syndicate will carry on after today’s EuroMillions draw, you will have to find room for the twelfth Lucky Star from Tuesday onwards.

Online Syndicates

Online syndicates are another great option for playing EuroMillions and the benefit of joining one of these groups is that all the hard work is completed on your behalf. You don’t have to chase members for payment or signatures, you can avoid holding up the queue at the newsagent as you put on your multiple lines, and the prizes are automatically divided and paid to each shareholder.

Tickets for tonight’s EuroMillions draw are available online and from authorised retailers and you can read about the new version of the game at the EuroMillions Changes page.

Published: Fri, 23 September 2016 - 10:10am
Last Updated: Mon, 23 September 2019 - 3:14pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com