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LIVE: Tonight's £142 Million EuroMillions Results

Tonight's EuroMillions jackpot is estimated at a colossal £142 million and has been rolling over since December 2017! Follow Euro-Millions.com's live coverage of tonight's draw as the results are announced below:

23:00 - We are now signing off from the live updates, thanks for staying tuned. We will see you again on Friday for the next ROLLOVER Jackpot!

22:47 - Want to get a headstart on Friday's draw? You can choose your numbers now!

22:19 - If you would like to see the full prize breakdown, please visit this draw’s results page.

22:08 - The jackpot for Friday’s draw is an estimated £154 million.

22:05 - IT’S A ROLLOVER! No one has won tonight’s jackpot, and so it will rollover to Friday’s draw.

21:51 - UK Millionaire Maker codes are now in as well. They are: VKTR07620 and VKTR64460. You can also use our EuroMillions checker to see if your numbers and code have won you any money.

21:32 - Now that we have the winning numbers there are still a couple of extra bits of information to wait on. Has the jackpot been won, or will it rollover again? If it has been won, which country was it won in? We will have that information for you as soon as it is available.

21:33 - The results are now in. Tonight's winning numbers are: 6, 14, 19, 25 and 29, and the Lucky Stars are 5 and 11.

21:32 - RESULTS ARE IN...

21:18 - There has been a delay in processing some of the bought tickets, due to huge interest. That has led to the delay in the draw. The draw should be done before 21:30.

20:36 - No results yet. The live draw in Paris can sometimes be delayed. So don't worry, you're not missing the results, they just haven't been released yet. 

20:26 - Still waiting on those winning numbers. Hopefully not too much longer...

20:11 - We are now just waiting for the results to come in. We will have them here for you as soon as they are available.

20:00 - The draw is now due. We will have the results for you as soon as they are available. Stay calm, stay relaxed, but most importantly… Stay tuned!

19:58 - The draw is due in just 2 minutes. Hold on tight!

19:44 - The maximum EuroMillions jackpot is €190 million, so we are getting ever closer to the limit. Will there be a winner tonight? We should know in about one hour’s time once the numbers have been drawn and the prize breakdown is announced.

19:30 - Number picking is now closed! However, you can still play until 8:15pm, or until the results are announced here.

19:14 - With tonight’s £142 million jackpot you could buy a £2 million mansion, a Lamborghini, and a 180ft yacht for you and three of your family. You would then still have £100 million left over!!

19:00 - There is now one hour until the draw, how are you going to pass the time until then? Perhaps imagine what you would buy for yourself and your friends?

18:42 - Overall there have been 13 different Jackpot winners on the 20th of the month. Is 13 your lucky number? If it is then you’ve got to give yourself a chance by picking your numbers.

18:30 - You now have one hour left to pick your numbers, make sure to not miss out.

18:21 - Since the first draw on the 13th February 2004 there have been 2.3 BILLION winners, and 380 jackpot winners. The UK has had 524 million winners in that same time period!

18:16 - The EuroMillions has been running since its first draw on the 13th February 2004. That makes it 14 years and 7 days old today!

18:03 - Do you have set numbers you use every week? If not there are loads of ways to help choose. Most people use significant dates, but don’t forget to mix in some numbers over 31 as well. Why not try a name where A=1, B=2 etc? Alternatively you can use our random number generator!

17:49 - The draw itself is held Live in Paris, so there can be delays in information coming through. However, your guideline times are as follows: 7:30pm - Regular number picking ticket sales close, 8:15 - tickets on euro-millions.com close, 8:00pm - Draw, (roughly) 8:20 - Main numbers announced, 9:30pm - Prize breakdown and whether the jackpot was won.

17:30 - Welcome to the Euro-Millions.com LIVE updates on tonight’s huge rollover jackpot of £142 million! This is now the 14th rollover and is edging ever closer to the maximum jackpot, the draw is at 8:00pm GMT Tuesday 20th February 2018. Make sure to stay tuned to these live updates for the latest news as we get closer to the draw and after when we start getting more information through.

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Published: Tue, 20 February 2018 - 2:50pm
Last Updated: Thu, 5 April 2018 - 1:54pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com