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LIVE: Tonight's £144 Million EuroMillions Results

A jackpot worth an estimated £144 million (€164 million) is up for grabs in tonight’s EuroMillions draw, making it one of the biggest nights in the lottery’s history. Join us as we count down to the moment when the winning numbers are drawn, and find out if there’s a winner as soon as the results are revealed.

21:43 - And with that, we're signing off from live updates for the evening. Thank you for joining us, and we hope that even if the jackpot wasn't won you walked away with another prize. If you want a full recap of the draw or to see a prize breakdown, head over to the Results page.

21:40 - So the jackpot will roll over again and increase in value for the next draw. We'll get an idea of the size of the new jackpot closer to the draw, but you can expect it to be approaching the €190 million mark.

21:34 - IT’S A ROLLOVER! No one matched all five numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the £144 million jackpot, so an even bigger prize will be up for grabs in Tuesday’s draw. Wow, we’re approaching jackpot cap territory!

21:25 - All that's left now is to find out if there were any winners of the £144 million jackpot. We'll have that confirmed as soon as possible.

21:22 - The winning Millionaire Maker code is HNVD84482. If you didn't hit the jackpot, this code gives you another chance to become a millionaire. You can find your code on your EuroMillions ticket below your lottery numbers.

20:36 - So how did you do? Have you picked up a nice prize, or do your hopes now rest on the Millionaire Maker raffle?

20:28 - Now that the main numbers are announced there are a few bits of key information we are still waiting on. First are the results of the Millionaire Maker raffle, plus we want to find out whether the £144 million jackpot has been won, and if so how many winning tickets there are and where were they sold. Hold tight, we’ll have this information for you as soon as it is available.

20:25 - The results are now in. Tonight’s winning numbers are: 15, 27, 34, 38, and 49, and the Lucky Stars are 2 and 10

20:14 - The result should be announced very soon. Make sure you have your ticket handy to check if you're a winner.

20:00 - The winning numbers will be revealed any minute now, so stick with us and we will have the results right here as soon as they’re announced.

19:54 - If the £144 million jackpot isn’t enough, one player is guaranteed to become a millionaire tonight, thanks to the UK Millionaire Maker raffle. If you want to know more, head over to the raffle information page. The most important thing to remember is that you’re automatically entered into the raffle when you buy a EuroMillions ticket, so check the winning code after the draw and make sure you don’t miss out on £1 million.

19:46 - So there’s roughly 15 minutes until the draw. Now is a good time to find out exactly how you claim prizes when your numbers come up. Have a look at the appropriately-titled How to Claim page to learn all you need to know. The most important point to remember is that in the UK you have 180 days to claim, so the deadline for claiming prizes for tonight’s draw is 14th August 2019.

19:36 - What would you do with £144 million? According to Camelot’s 2018 Millionaire Report, 98% of winners have given gifts to family and friends, and 47% of winners got the most happiness from gifting some of their fortune, which is nice. Cars and property were also top of the list for many lottery millionaires.

19:30 - That’s it, ticket sales are closed. Hopefully you got your entry in time and are crossing everything in the hope that your numbers come up.

19:00 - 30-MINUTE TICKET WARNING! You only have half an hour to get your tickets for tonight’s draw. Fear not: you can still enter online if you’ve forgotten to buy one and don’t have time to get to a retailer.

18:44 - While we’re on the subject, there’s currently over £3.5 million worth of prize money unclaimed in the UK and Ireland. There’s just two days until someone loses out on a prize worth £1 million! The winning ticket was bought in the Royal Borough of Greenwich for the draw on 21st August 2018. Head over to the Unclaimed Prizes page for more info.

18:41 - If you have a ticket, you’ll remember to check it after the draw, won’t you? Andrew Clark from Boston in Lincolnshire kept us all guessing when he left a ticket worth £76 million in his van for six weeks in November. Thanks to some reminders from his family, he eventually got round to confirming that it was the winning one.

18:29 - It has been a lucky year for EuroMillions players in the UK. There was an anonymous winner of £121 million back in April 2018, while more recently, Frances and Patrick Connolly from County Armagh in Northern Ireland won £114 million in this year’s New Year’s Day draw. This latest jackpot might be won tonight, and there’s a big chance that it will be a UK player that wins it.

18:15 - If you’re wondering how the jackpot has got so large, it all started with a special Superdraw on Friday 1st February. The jackpot was bumped to a guaranteed €120 million (£105 million) for that draw, but no one won it on the night, and it hasn’t been won since. Four rollovers since the Superdraw have brought the jackpot to its current total.

18:07 - Tonight’s jackpot is one of the biggest EuroMillions prizes ever offered and if a UK player wins it all it will be the third-biggest lottery jackpot ever won in the country.

17:51 - The winning numbers are set to be drawn at 20:00 GMT, and we’ll find out if there are any winners shortly after that. Ticket sales close at 19:30 GMT, so if you haven’t got your entry, there’s still time.

16:40 - We’ll be here to bring you all the latest information about tonight’s draw as it happens, including those all-important results. Keep hitting your browser’s refresh button to stay up-to-date on all things EuroMillions.

16:30 - Welcome to the Euro-Millions.com LIVE coverage of tonight’s huge £144 million draw. Valentine’s Day is over for another year, so now we can focus on the biggest event of the week. The jackpot is not far off its cap of €190 million – will we see another rollover to edge the jackpot closer to that amount, or will at least one lucky ticket holder take home one of the biggest prizes in EuroMillions history?

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Published: Fri, 15 February 2019 - 1:58pm
Last Updated: Fri, 13 September 2019 - 12:16pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com