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September Superdraw To Offer EuroMillions Jackpot of €130 Million

A EuroMillions Superdraw has been lined up for Friday 24th September, giving players across Europe an opportunity to aim for one of the biggest jackpots of the year. The top prize will be bumped up to €130 million for the special event.

Superdraws only take place a few times a year - when there is enough money in the Reserve Fund to hold such a promotion and the national lotteries of the nine participating countries agree that one should go ahead.

They are eagerly anticipated by fans because they guarantee that a huge jackpot will be offered on the advertised date. Usually it takes a series of rollovers for the prize to build up to nine figures.

If nobody wins on the night of the Superdraw, the jackpot will roll over as normal and carry on getting larger until someone matches all the numbers, or it reaches its jackpot cap.

Biggest European Lottery Wins

Superdraws have helped to create many of the largest wins ever seen in EuroMillions, and even the biggest in European lottery history.

This happened back in February, when the jackpot climbed all the way from €130 million to its maximum amount of €210 million. A single entry, sold in Switzerland, matched all the numbers to net the lucky ticket holder a record payout.

A French player also won €200 million in December 2020 following a Superdraw a couple of weeks earlier.

The jackpot cap is now worth €220 million – it increases by €10 million after each it time has been activated – so another piece of EuroMillions history could be written in the next few weeks if it rolls over from the Superdraw.

There are millions of entries submitted for every EuroMillions draw, and ticket sales are always particularly strong when the jackpot is high. For example, there were 44 million entries for the most recent Superdraw in June.

It only takes one entry to win the jackpot, of course, and you can take part by visiting an authorised retailer in one of the participating countries or taking part online. Check out the latest EuroMillions Results after every draw on a Tuesday and Friday night.

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Published: Fri, 20 August 2021 - 2:49pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

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