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Tonight’s EuroMillions Results Live: Friday 27th September

The EuroMillions draw on Friday 27th September had an estimated jackpot of £167 million (€190 million). Recap all the action from the draw as the EuroMillions results came in.

22:24 - Thank you for joining us for these live updates once again. We hope it has been a lucky night for you!

22.19 - There were two UK winners who each won £3,530,287.70 for matching five numbers and one Lucky Star! Tuesday's jackpot is now estimated at £169 million, join a syndicate to be in with a chance of winning! 

21:47 -  The UK prize amounts will be confirmed shortly...

21:33 - So to confirm as tonight’s excitement draws to a close, the next jackpot on Tuesday 1st October will still be worth €190 million – its second draw at the cap.

21:16 - The jackpot cap has once again worked its magic in other prize tiers, as it has so far been confirmed that 4 players across Europe have matched five numbers and one Lucky Star. Each winner will take home €4,698,171.80.

21:04 - IT’S ANOTHER ROLLOVER! Once again no one has won the jackpot so the €190 million prize will carry over to the next draw on Tuesday 1st October. The incredible, record-breaking run of rollovers continues!

20:55 - It looks like the full results are starting to come in…

20:48 - The winning Millionaire Maker code has been confirmed. It is HRFV43986

20:45 - We’ll find out soon whether there is a jackpot winner. A reminder that the jackpot cap of €190 million is in effect so if there’s no winner it will stay at that amount for the next draw on Tuesday.

20:32 - Were those numbers lucky for you? Use the Results Checker if you still need to find out how many numbers you’ve matched.

20:23 - The results are in! The winning numbers are: 24, 37, 41, 43, and 46, with Lucky stars 2 and 8. Keep an eye on the EuroMillions Results page to see more information as it comes in.

20:00 - The draw will take place any minute now. Keep refreshing this page to get the winning numbers as soon as they’re drawn.

19:31 - If it transpires that the current jackpot is not won before the Superdraw is set to take place, the funds that would have been used for that draw will simply be held in reserve for another special event in the near future. 

18:42 - Before that, though, there’s another EuroMillions Superdraw scheduled to take place on 4th October. The jackpot will be worth a guaranteed €100 million (£90 million), even if the current jackpot is won before that date. It could be that we get a €190 million jackpot winner before the 4th October draw, followed up by a €100 million winner soon after.

18:36 - The jackpot can only go four more draws before it has to be won – on 8th October the entire €190 million has to be given away, whether there’s a jackpot winner or not. If no one does match all the numbers in that draw, all of the jackpot prize money will be shared out between winners in the second prize tier. Read this guide about the EuroMillions jackpot cap to learn all you need to know.

18:29 - Most importantly, remember that ticket sales close at 7:30pm UK time, so make sure you have your ticket in hand before this time, otherwise you’ll miss out.

18:12 - A quick note on timings: the draw will take place at around 8:00pm UK time, so we will have confirmation of the winning numbers shortly after that. At 9:00pm we’ll find out if there has been a jackpot winner as prize breakdowns start to come in from across Europe.

17:47 - Second-tier winners in tonight’s draw can expect another big boost to their prizes, regardless of whether the jackpot is won or not.

16:58 - The jackpot has now hit its cap so can’t go any higher. This is a good thing for other players, as any money that would have ordinarily topped up the jackpot is instead allocated to the second prize tier, for matching five numbers plus one Lucky Star. This was the case in the last draw on Tuesday and four players across Europe won in the second prize tier, winning a prize worth 15 times more than the usual amount! The prize was worth £3.6 million / €5 million and was the biggest ever awarded for that prize tier.

16:00 - This run of rollovers started after a player from Spain won a £96 million jackpot in the draw on Friday 19th July. Despite an ever-climbing jackpot since then, no one has matched all the numbers to win it.

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Published: Fri, 27 September 2019 - 4:05pm
Last Updated: Mon, 30 September 2019 - 3:22pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com