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UK and Spanish Players Split Huge EuroMillions Jackpot

The EuroMillions jackpot was won for the first time this year on Friday night as two ticket holders matched five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to split £155.5 million (€177.7 million). One of the lucky players came from the UK and the other from Spain, and some information has already been released about both winning tickets.

EuroMillions Results

The numbers drawn on Friday 23rd February were 10, 17, 18, 28 and 47, with Lucky Stars 3 and 7. Go to the EuroMillions Results page for a full breakdown of all the prizes, as more than 4.7 million participants across Europe picked up cash rewards.

UK Winner

There were two players who matched the full winning line to instantly become rich beyond their wildest dreams. The UK player will bank £77.7 million, and a claim has already been staked for the prize.

A ticket validation appointment will have to be arranged before the money can be paid out, and the lucky player will then have to decide whether to go public or keep their identity private. No more information will be made available if the winner decides to stay anonymous.

Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s senior winners’ advisor, said: “Wow, what a win for one lucky UK ticket holder. This is the tenth biggest winner this country has ever seen and we look forward to toasting their win.”

Spanish Winner

The Spanish winner will bank an incredible €88.8 million after buying their ticket in Cadiz, at the C.C Carrefour Gran Sur-Torres. According to the Spanish National Lottery, the country's two 'Match 5 + 1' winners also bought their lines in the same shop, on a single ticket. This result raises the possibility that one participant played a system entry involving a number of Lucky Star combinations and snapped up three massive prizes.

The Spanish jackpot winner now has 90 days from the date of the draw to come forward and claim their prize.

Lucky Countries

Spain and the UK have both enjoyed considerable success on EuroMillions since the game was launched in 2004. France continues to top the charts with 87 jackpot winners, but Spain has now had 85 and the UK 71. Visit the EuroMillions Winners page for a full table of all nine participating countries.

European Millionaire Maker

On a special night for EuroMillions players all over the continent on Friday, there were also 25 guaranteed winners of £1 million/€1 million in the European Millionaire Maker. Spain and the UK again emerged as the luckiest nations with seven and five winners respectively, while there were four in both France and Belgium. The special raffle also created three new millionaires in Portugal, along with one in Ireland and one in Switzerland. Take a look at the European Millionaire Maker page for full details.

Choose Numbers

The EuroMillions jackpot will now reset to €17 million (an estimated £14 million) for the next draw on Tuesday. If you want to try and keep the winning run going, you can choose numbers online or go to any authorised retailer in a participating country.

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Published: Mon, 26 February 2018 - 10:09am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 April 2018 - 1:58pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com