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What Would You Do First With a Big EuroMillions Win?

Every EuroMillions player will have imagined what they might like to do with a big win and possibly set their sights on a new car or home, but one couple from Westmeath in Ireland have vowed to remain sensible after scooping a massive prize in the latest draw.

The couple matched five main numbers in Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw to pick up €61,965 and quickly came forward to collect their winnings just a couple of days later. They had heard a local radio report that there was a big winner from their area, but they only found out later when the man checked the National Lottery App on his phone.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, are now looking forward to doing some work on their house, but will first get their finances in order. Quoted by the Westmeath Independent, the man said: “This win has come completely out of the blue, but the timing could not be any more perfect. There is so much we need to do in terms of home improvements which we have been putting off until we could afford it. We are going to be very sensible with our winnings and use the money to firstly pay off our bills and then we will start work on our home renovations.”

Whether you would have the same ‘sensible’ attitude as the lucky pair from Westmeath or would prefer to think about how you could treat yourself, there will be another EuroMillions draw tonight. A jackpot of £19 million (€24 million) would certainly give you a lot of options, so you could not only pay off your bills or mortgage, but also set some money aside for the future and other family members. You could then start thinking about other exciting opportunities such as travelling the world, moving to a bigger house or setting up your own business.

Tickets can be bought online or from authorised retailers in any of the nine participating countries. You can also download a EuroMillions Lottery App for iOS or Android to help you keep track of your numbers, and then just keep your fingers crossed for the next draw. Good luck!

Published: Fri, 17 June 2016 - 9:13am
Last Updated: Tue, 4 October 2016 - 8:21am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

Tuesday 5th March 2024
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