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Will There Be A EuroMillions Superdraw in 2016?

EuroMillions Superdraws provide players with the opportunity to aim for huge jackpots and have been held regularly since 2007. However, the most recent Superdraw took place in November of last year and many fans have started to wonder when the date for the next one will be announced.

Superdraws are organised at the discretion of the game’s organisers and as such there are no fixed dates for when, or how often, they will happen. There have been three Superdraws in each of the last three years, but there are various reasons why there might not have been one so far in 2016. In the recent past, a Superdraw has been held in March, June and either October or November.

Superdraws usually guarantee a jackpot of €100 million, regardless of whether or not the top prize was won in the previous draw. The jackpot has already grown beyond this mark without the help of a Superdraw in 2016, when two ticket holders shared €132 million (£100.7 million) on Friday 29th January, and since then it has also gone past €50 million on three separate occasions. It is possible that a Superdraw may have been put on hold while the top prize has been so high, as organisers may like to increase the jackpot by a significant amount to maximise excitement.

While Superdraws can be announced at any time, they normally mark special events, and organisers may be waiting to celebrate a big occasion this summer or later in the year. Check out the EuroMillions Superdraw page to find out more about how Superdraws work, including the months in which they have historically taken place and how large the jackpot has grown each time.

Euro-Millions.com will provide details of any upcoming Superdraw if and when it is confirmed, but players across the continent can still look forward to two chances a week to play for amazing prizes in the regular EuroMillions game. A jackpot of £11 million (€15 million) will be up for grabs in tonight’s draw, and it could well be that someone is able to follow in the footsteps of the Spanish player who scooped €85 million (£67.2 million) last Friday night. Visit the EuroMillions Results section for all the details about recent draws.

If you fancy taking part and possibly winning the sort of cash which could make your dreams come true, make sure to buy a ticket online or go to an authorised retailer in any of the participating nations. Best of luck!

Published: Tue, 14 June 2016 - 9:06am
Last Updated: Tue, 4 October 2016 - 8:21am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com