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Which Celebrities Would You Eclipse With A £94 Million EuroMillions Win?

The final EuroMillions draw of January came and went without a jackpot winner last night, pushing the top prize for the next draw up to a gargantuan £94 million (€108 million). Anyone lucky enough to land the full amount on Friday will be able to splash the cash on making their dreams come true, and also boast that they are richer than many top celebrities.

Richer Than Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe has been earning money since he was in short trousers and continues to carve out a successful career on stage and screen, but the actor best known for playing Harry Potter is only worth £78 million, according to a rich list published by Heat magazine in October detailing Britain’s wealthiest celebrities under the age of 30. A EuroMillions winner on Friday would be able to match Radcliffe’s £78 million and still have enough cash left over to buy a multimillion-pound mansion.

If you scoop £94 million on Friday night you could also claim to be richer than Ed Sheeran. The flame-haired crooner has dominated music charts around the world over the last couple of years and even made a cameo in the last series of Game of Thrones, but the Heat Rich List only values his net worth at £52 million.

It would take more than two members of One Direction to match up to the level of Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot, with Harry Styles reportedly worth £50 million and his fellow bandmates Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson all worth £40 million. Radcliffe’s Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson is valued at around £48 million, and in fact the only celebrity worth more than the current EuroMillions jackpot is singing superstar Adele (£132 million).

EuroMillions Jackpot Winners

The top prize has been building since a family syndicate from Ireland won €38.9 million on Friday 29th December, and now stands at its highest value since a a lucky ticket holder from Switzerland landed CHF157 million (€135.3 million/£119.8 million) on Tuesday 19th December.

The EuroMillions Winners page has a list of the biggest jackpots to have ever been given away in the 14-year history of the game, and if there is a single winner on Friday they should just creep into the top 15. The UK currently occupies five places out of the top 15, although France and Spain have both had more jackpot winners in total.

Even if you don’t win Friday’s huge jackpot, you could claim a prize in one of EuroMillions’ other 12 tiers or perhaps get lucky in one of your country’s supplementary games. EuroMillions HotPicks was launched in the UK last week, giving players the opportunity to win up to £1 million.

You can take part on Friday by visiting an authorised retailer in one of the participating nations or choosing numbers online, and it could just be that you manage to win a prize greater than Radcliffe or Sheeran’s net worth. Good luck!

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Published: Wed, 31 January 2018 - 9:31am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com