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Which is the Most Successful EuroMillions Nation?

There are nine participating EuroMillions countries who have been playing for fantastic prizes since the game began in 2004. It has become the most popular lottery in Europe thanks to regular huge jackpots, which can reach up to a cap of €190 million, but which is the most successful EuroMillions nation so far?

Most EuroMillions Jackpot Winners

If you rate EuroMillions success purely on the number of jackpot winners created, France takes the crown. In total, 87 of the 380 top prizes collected by EuroMillions players have come from tickets sold in France, three more than the 84 purchased in Spain. The UK sits in third, with 70 wins in the last 14 years.

The most recent EuroMillions jackpot win came courtesy of an Irish player from Dublin. The ticket holder, who has recently made contact with Irish National Lottery bosses, became the country’s 12th winner of all time. The Republic is currently eighth in the table of total winners, but now lies just two behind Austria, where 14 jackpots have been pocketed. You can find the full table of jackpot winners at the Winners page

Jackpot Winners Per Head of Population

Looking at the total number of jackpot winners produced by each country doesn’t take into account the fact that there are huge differences in population levels between the nine nations. Of course, it should be expected that the countries with the most potential players will win more often, but it is also worth looking at the jackpot winners per head of population to find out more.

France is the most populous participant, with 67.2 million inhabitants, and Luxembourg has the smallest pool of players, with just 590,667 residents. Although they also occupy opposite ends of the table in terms of total winners, Luxembourg can boast one jackpot per 295,333 people, whilst France returns only one win for every 777,425 citizens.

The most successful EuroMillions country when it comes to wins per person is Portugal, where there is one jackpot winner for every 156,205 people. One possible reason for this is the ease of access to systematic entries in the Iberian nation. When buying EuroMillions tickets, Portuguese players can choose more than the five main numbers and two Lucky Stars, playing each allowable combination within the numbers they pick. This is automatically calculated by lottery terminals in Portugal, whereas players in other countries would have to manually enter each combination to achieve the same goal. Find out more about lottery systems at the Strategies page. 

Other Measures of EuroMillions Success

Playing EuroMillions is not just all about the jackpot; there are another 12 prize tiers in the main game and a host of special draws available in each country. There have been more than 2.3 billion prizes of all values distributed across Europe since the game launched, with France also topping the tree after snapping up 23.1 percent of them. Using this measure, the UK leapfrogs Spain into second, snapping up 22 percent of the total prize pool. Find the full table at the Winners page.

When it comes to the value of all the prizes won in each nation, the UK also finds itself in second place ahead of Spain, with France leading the way, having shared out more than €8.7 billion to its inhabitants over the years.

Your Chance for EuroMillions Success

If you want your shot at a EuroMillions jackpot to boost your nation’s statistics, you can buy EuroMillions tickets at shops or online ahead of Friday’s £25 million (€28 million) draw. Learn more at the Play page.

Alternatively, if you choose your numbers through Jackpot.com in January, you can claim an additional, free EuroMillions line at checkout. Click through the banner above and use the code FREELINE to take advantage.

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Published: Thu, 4 January 2018 - 11:06am
Last Updated: Fri, 6 January 2023 - 1:07pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com