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How To Run A Successful EuroMillions Syndicate

As a family syndicate from Dublin celebrates becoming €38.9 million richer, other EuroMillions players may be considering whether to join a group rather than go it alone. But what are the merits of playing in a syndicate, how do you set one up one and what should you do to make sure everything runs smoothly?

Advantages of syndicates

The main benefit of being in a syndicate is that it can give you a better chance of winning EuroMillions prizes. If you play alone and want to increase your odds of winning by five times, for example, you would have to enter five lines instead of one. In a syndicate of five members, you can play five lines between you and cover the cost of just one each.

You have to share prizes between everyone in the group, of course, but you can also enjoy success together. The family syndicate from Co Dublin, which won the jackpot on Friday 29th December, were ecstatic when they came forward to Irish National Lottery headquarters on Monday.

“This is life-changing. It is amazing to think that we and our family members are now secure for the rest of our lives. But we won’t go crazy, we have no plans to move to the moon,” said a spokesperson for the syndicate.

Setting up a syndicate

The first part of setting up a syndicate is finding a group of fellow EuroMillions enthusiasts. It may be that you turn to other members of your family like the winners from Dublin, ask your friends if they want to play together or try and cajole a few of your work colleagues or neighbours into taking part.

Once you have some willing teammates, it is a good idea to get a structure in place. You want everyone in the group to agree on the important points such as when you are going to play, how many lines you are going to enter and who is going to buy the tickets. It is a good idea to have a syndicate manager and create a formal agreement which you can all sign.

The family from Dublin decided to remain anonymous rather than reveal their identities, and this is just one of the factors that a syndicate should consider when starting out. Visit the Syndicates page to find a list of suggested rules for your syndicate agreement.

How to keep the syndicate running smoothly

Once your syndicate is up and running, you can crack on with the business of trying to win that next multimillion-pound jackpot. However, issues do still arise. What happens if one player wants to leave, or if someone else repeatedly fails to pay their stake on time, or if you suddenly decide you should buy a few more tickets because the jackpot has got really high? You should always stick to the terms laid out in your agreement, but regularly re-evaluate your syndicate. Rather than having everyone commit to the group for a year, why not make it a shorter period such as three months? Download Euro-Millions.com’s Draft Syndicate Agreement to see the type of document you could put together.

Syndicate success?

There is no guarantee that your syndicate will be successful regardless of how many lines you enter, but being in a group does pay off for many players. The family from Dublin have seen their dreams come true, and it could be another syndicate’s turn in the next draw. You can take part now by visiting authorised retailers in participating countries or picking numbers online. Good luck!

Written by

Published: Tue, 9 January 2018 - 10:25am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com