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Why is Belgium Enjoying Such a Hot Streak on EuroMillions?

As the Belgian national lottery waits for the winner of Friday’s magnificent jackpot to come forward and claim their prize, players across the continent may be wondering just how the country became so good at the game after the latest success kept up an excellent recent run. What are some of the reasons for this hot streak?

The Stats

Belgium remains a distant fifth in the list of the most successful EuroMillions countries, but has produced four jackpot winners since the rules of the game were changed last September. These include the two biggest prizes of the last year, with Friday’s €153.8 million winner following in the footsteps of the Brussels man who picked up €168 million in October 2016. No other country has had more winners since EuroMillions was adapted in 2016, but why could this be?

System Entries

As well as offering players players a standard single ticket where they can mark off five main numbers and two main Lucky Stars to play one line, the Belgian lottery also has special multiple forms where it is possible to pick up to ten main numbers and 12 Lucky Stars. All the combinations of numbers selected are then covered.

Participants have to pay for every combination, but these system entries are easy to play and increase the chances of winning. Belgium is not unique in offering these type of tickets, but in some other countries such as the UK they are not available and players would have to take the time and effort to work out all the different combinations for themselves if they wanted to employ a similar strategy.

My Bonus

My Bonus is a supplementary game to EuroMillions for Belgian players which was introduced last September. Most of the participating countries introduced new games at the same time to add to the excitement, but My Bonus has really caught the imagination of fans in Belgium as it offers so many great prizes.

The game creates 600 winners of €500 each on a weekly basis, with 200 prizes of €500 awarded in Tuesday draws and 400 prizes in Friday draws. Additionally, there are some draws which offer  a large number of extra My Bonus prizes of €10 and are likely to lead to even more players buying tickets. Last Friday’s draw was a perfect example, with an astonishing 45,000 prizes of €10 up for grabs as well as the 400 awards of €500.

Random Variation

While Belgium has had a run of good luck recently, there is no guarantee it will continue and the pattern of jackpot winners could very easily change over the next few months. Just like tossing a coin 100 times is likely to result in some sequences where there are a number of heads or tails in a row, it could just be that the next few winners come from a different country.

The odds of winning remain the same regardless of where you are playing EuroMillions, so every single line entered into Tuesday’s draw will have an equal chance. If you want to emulate the latest lucky winner from Belgium, you can choose your numbers online or visit an authorised retailer in one of the participating countries.

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Published: Tue, 6 June 2017 - 9:28am
Last Updated: Thu, 11 January 2018 - 2:58pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com