When a EuroMillions player is lucky enough to win the jackpot or a very large prize, they have several tough decisions to make, the biggest of which is whether to go public or remain anonymous. While many winners decide to claim their prizes quietly, there are those who decide to reveal their identities and speak publicly about their win; according to Andy Carter, the Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery, this figure is as low as 15 percent.

"Regardless of whether they tick the "no publicity" box or choose the press conference and champagne reception, all UK winners are promised support, including financial and legal advice, from the National Lottery."

Here is a breakdown of the 12 biggest UK EuroMillions winners to date and how they chose to acknowledge their huge changes in fortunes:

Draw Draw Number Prize Winner
8th October 2019 1,257 £170,221,000 Anonymous
12th July 2011 397 £161,653,000 Chris and Colin Weir of Largs, Ayrshire
10th August 2012 510 £148,656,000 Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Haverhill, Suffolk
11th June 2019 1,223 £123,458,008 Anonymous
24th April 2018 1,105 £121,328,187 Anonymous
1st January 2019 1,177 £114,969,775 Frances and Patrick Connolly of Northern Ireland
8th October 2010 348 £113,019,926 Anonymous
14th March 2014 676 £107,932,603 Neil Trotter of Coulsdon, Surrey
19th November 2019 1,269 £105,100,701 Steve and Lenka Thomson of Selsey, West Sussex
7th October 2011 422 £101,203,600 Dave and Angela Dawes of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
12th June 2015 806 £93,388,944 Anonymous
30th June 2017 1,020 £87,570,000 Anonymous

The record winner from October 2019 opted to stay anonymous when they claimed their prize. Of the other 11 winners, five chose to remain private and six went public with their win. The largest public claim was the one made by Chris and Colin Weir in July 2011.

The National Lottery has stated that the bigger the jackpot gets the more likely it is that the winner will go public. That’s why around half of the very biggest winners go public, even though a much smaller proportion of winners do overall.

Winners from Other Countries

One advantage EuroMillions has over U.S. lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions is that all players have the option to remain anonymous when claiming a prize. Much like in the UK, the majority of winners across Europe choose to remain nameless, while some might disclose small bits of information about themselves without actually revealing any identifying information.

Of course, winners in Europe can still opt to waive their right to anonymity and embrace the media spotlight. One of the most famous examples of this came in July 2005 when Dolores McNamara from Ireland claimed a prize worth €115.4 million.

Here are the biggest non-UK jackpot winners and how each of them decided to accept their EuroMillions prize:

Draw Draw Number Prize Winner
24th October 2014 740 €190,000,000 Anonymous (Castelo Branco, Portugal)
6th October 2017 1048 €190,000,000 Anonymous (Las Palmas, Spain)
19th Februuary 2019 537 €175,475,380 Naul Family Syndicate (Co Dublin, Ireland)
13th November 2012 1,191 €169,837,010 Anonymous (Alpes-Maritimes, France)
11th October 2016 945 €168,085,323 Anonymous (Schaerbeek, Belgium)
20th November 2015 852 €163,553,041 Anonymous (Eiras, Portugal)
2nd October 2018 1,151 CHF183,897,039 Anonymous (Northwest Switzerland)
13th September 2011 415 €162,256,622 Anonymous (Calvados, France)
2nd June 2017 1,012 €153,873,716 Anonymous (Flemish Region, Belgium)
13th June 2014 702 €137,313,501 Anonymous (Madrid, Spain)
19th December 2017 1,069 CHF157,096,272 Anonymous (Zurich, Switzerland)
29th March 2013 576 €132,486,744 Anonymous (Seine-et-Marne, France)
8th May 2009 274 €126,231,764 Anonymous (Spain)
13th May 2011 380 €121,019,633 Francisco Delgado Rodriguez of Pilas (Seville), Spain
29th July 2005 77 €115, 436,126 Dolores McNamara of Limerick, Ireland