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EuroMillions History

EuroMillions Timeline
13th Feb 2004

The first ever EuroMillions draw takes place in Paris, with France, Spain and the United Kingdom taking part. A French player wins €15 million.

9th April 2004

Marion Richardson becomes the first UK EuroMillions winner and receives a prize of £16.7 million.

8th Oct 2004

Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland join EuroMillions.

29th July 2005

Dolores McNamara of Ireland wins €115.4 million, which at the time broke the record for the largest European lottery prize ever won, and which remains the largest Irish EuroMillions win.

20th Jan 2006

EuroMillions introduces a rollover cap, with the jackpot allowed to roll over for a maximum of 11 draws. If no jackpot winner was found in the 12th draw, the top prize would roll down and be shared among players in the next winning prize tier.

17th Nov 2006

After rolling over for 11 draws, no jackpot winner is found in the 12th draw on this date. The entire sum rolls down and is shared by 20 players who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star. Each of the winners receives £6.7 million (€9.6 million).

9th Feb 2007

The first EuroMillions Superdraw is held, offering a fixed jackpot worth €100 million (£66 million at the time). It is won on the night by an anonymous player from Belgium.

15th June 2007

EuroMillions Plus is introduced in Ireland, giving players the chance to enter their main EuroMillions numbers into a supplementary draw with a top prize of €500,000 for an extra €1 per line.

7th Nov 2009

EuroMillions introduces a jackpot cap of €185 million, scrapping the previous rollover cap. The cap is supposed to increase by €5 million each time it is reached. In the UK, the cost of a single EuroMillions ticket increases from £1.50 to £2.

13th Nov 2009

Millionaire Raffle is launched in the UK. The game offers a guaranteed prize of £1 million for the player whose code on their ticket matches the winning code drawn. Entry to Millionaire Raffle is included in every EuroMillions ticket purchased.

10th May 2011

The first Tuesday EuroMillions draw is held. To celebrate, the game offers a jackpot of €100 million. A new prize tier for matching two main numbers is also introduced, and the number of Lucky Stars is increased from nine to 11.

12th July 2011

Chris and Colin Weir win a €185 million jackpot, becoming the first players to win a prize at the jackpot cap. Their windfall in pounds sterling (£161.6 million) remains the largest UK EuroMillions prize on record. The jackpot cap is subsequently raised to €190 million.

12th Jan 2012

The jackpot cap is fixed at €190 million. Under the new rules, the top prize can stay at that level for a maximum of two draws. If the prize money is not won, the funds roll down and are split among players in the next winning tier.

27th July 2012

To celebrate the London Olympic Games, the UK Millionaire Raffle offers 100 prizes of £1 million. Eventually, 97 of the prizes are claimed, setting a new world record for the largest number of millionaires created in one night.

10th Aug 2012

Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Haverhill, Suffolk win €190 million, becoming the first EuroMillions players to win the maximum possible prize. While the sterling amount the Bayfords received (£148.6 million) was less than what the Weirs won the year before, the Bayfords won more in Euro due to exchange rates at that time.

5th Dec2012

A £63.8 million jackpot won in the UK from the draw on Friday 8th June of that year officially expires, with no player coming forward to claim the winnings within the 180-day period. The entire amount, and any interest accrued, is donated to the Good Causes Fund.

31st May2013

A special edition of Millionaire Raffle, called “£1 Million Every Month for a Year”, is held. No player comes forward to claim the winning ticket before the 180-day deadline and the total value of the prize - £12 million – is donated to the Good Causes Fund.

4th Feb2014

My Million is introduced in France, guaranteeing that at least one French EuroMillions player will win €1 million as part of a supplementary raffle draw.

24th Oct2014

A Portuguese player from Castelo Branco wins €190 million when the jackpot reaches its cap after a run of six rollovers.

31st Oct2014

Millionaire Raffle changes its name to UK Millionaire Maker, and Mega Friday is introduced, offering multiple £1 million prizes and non-cash awards on the last Friday EuroMillions draw of each month. To celebrate the new game, 25 UK Millionaire Maker prizes are given away on the night.

27th Sept2016

A number of EuroMillions changes are introduced to the game to create bigger jackpots and more exciting prizes:

  • The Lucky Star ball pool increases from 11 to 12.
  • The price of a ticket increases from £2 to £2.50.
  • European Millionaire Maker is introduced, guaranteeing that a number of tickets from all nine participating countries will win £1 million/€1 million/CHF1 million in these special draws.
  • The number of UK Millionaire Maker prizes in every draw increases from 1 to 2.
  • Mega Friday becomes Mega Week, offering multiple prizes of £1 million and luxury lifestyle prizes in the last week of each month.
30th Sept2016

A Superdraw is held to celebrate the latest changes to EuroMillions and offers a jackpot of €130 million (estimated £100 million) and is the first Superdraw of 2016.

28th Oct2016

The first European Millionaire Maker draw is held, offering 25 prizes of £1 million/€1 million/CHF1 million.

6th Oct2017

A Spanish ticket holder wins €190 million with a ticket bought in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, after the jackpot rolled over to reach its cap following a Superdraw on 15th September.

2nd Oct2018

A player from Switzerland wins the country's biggest ever prize amount after landing a CHF183 million (£144 million) jackpot. It followed a Superdraw on 21st September, with a jackpot of €130 million that rolled over three times.

15th Jan2019

The number of UK Millionaire Maker prizes in every standard draw went down from two to one, allowing more special draws to take place with multiple guaranteed winners.

8th Oct2019

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled all the way from its starting value of €17 million to its cap of €190 million (£170 million) in a record-breaking run of rollovers. The jackpot then went five more draws until it was won by a single anonymous ticket holder in the UK, making it the biggest lottery prize ever won in the UK.

1st Feb2020

Changes are made to EuroMillions to help create even more big jackpots:

  • The allocation of the prize fund is altered so that a higher percentage goes to the jackpot in every draw.
  • The jackpot cap is increased from €190 million to €200 million, with a new rule brought in to allow it to grow by €10 million each time the maximum prize is won in future.
11th Dec2020

The Jackpot Cap of €200 million is first reached on 4th December, where it remains for two more draws before being won on 11th December. The winning ticket was sold in France. The winner currently holds the record for the biggest jackpot won since EuroMillions began.

Under rules introduced in February 2020, the Jackpot Cap has now been increased to €210 million.

26th Feb2021

The €210 million record jackpot was won by a lucky ticket holder from German-speaking Switzerland who bought two tickets online. The jackpot had reached the cap after rolling over following a Superdraw earlier in the month.

Following the win, the Jackpot Cap has now increased to €220 million.

15th Oct2021

Following a Superdraw in late September, the EuroMillions jackpot managed to climb to the capped amount of €220 million in just a few short weeks. The jackpot was won on Friday 15th October by a lucky ticket holder from France, who instantly became the new record holder for the biggest jackpot won to date.

As per the EuroMillions game rules, the Jackpot Cap has now increased by a further €10 million to a new limit of €230 million.