New Year's Resolutions for EuroMillions Players

New Years celebration party hatNew Year's Resolutions are often made to help us improve ourselves or refine our habits. We've put together a few positive steps EuroMillions players can take at New Year in order to make playing the game easier, more enjoyable and possibly more lucrative.

1. Always Play EuroMillions Online

Playing EuroMillions online is safer and more convenient than purchasing a ticket from a retailer. Furthermore, online players are automatically notified of a win whereas players who choose to purchase a ticket from a retailer might lose their ticket or forget to check it. In the UK alone, tens of millions of pounds worth of prizes go unclaimed every year. In 2012, the holder of a £63 million ticket never came forward while, in 2013, a special UK Millionaire Raffle prize worth £12 million was never claimed.

2. Use Advance Play

If you regularly play EuroMillions with the same number sequence, it's a good idea to take advantage of the Advance Play option which allows you to enter your numbers for up to eight draws in advance. This is a great way to avoid the last-minute rush or that dreaded panic if you've forgotten to buy a ticket.

3. Check and Claim Promptly

A great habit to develop as a EuroMillions lottery player is to regularly check the latest lottery results and claim any prizes immediately. Many big winners have spent months unaware of the valuable ticket they've been carrying around with them and have continued to live in an unnecessarily frugal way. In 2013 EuroMillions winner Jane O'Brien carried a £1 million winning ticket around for three months, all the while working gruelling double shifts in an attempt to save for a holiday. Had she checked her ticket promptly, Jane could have jetted off so much sooner!

4. Join or Start a Syndicate

By joining or starting a syndicate, you're increasing your chances of winning and also potentially reducing your costs! By combining your lottery spend with that of your friends, family or colleagues, you'll increase the chances of winning and, depending on how you decide to set up your syndicate, could reduce the amount each individual pays. You'll also enjoy the shared camaraderie of the game.

If you already do all of the above, then we congratulate you on your conscientious approach to playing EuroMillions and encourage you to continue as normal. For those of you who aren't yet employing one or more of the above measures, consider making a EuroMillions New Year's resolution – it might just earn you a fortune.