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No Jackpot Winner, But Over €400 Million Won Since July

An incredible run of record-breaking rollovers continues this week as no ticket holders matched five numbers and two Lucky Stars to win the €190 million jackpot on offer on Tuesday 1st October. It has now been 21 draws without a jackpot winner, but despite that, players across Europe have cashed in to the tune of over €400 million since the jackpot was last won in mid-July.

France and the UK lead the way in prize money

To be exact, €411 million has been awarded in prize money across all participating countries since 23rd July, which was the first draw after the most recent jackpot win and the first in the current chain of rollovers. The United Kingdom has seen the most prize money, with over €96 million going to UK players over the last 21 draws. Spain and France follow behind with €83 million and €75 million respectively.

The chart below shows how much prize money has been won in each EuroMillions country since 23rd July 2019:

Luxembourg and Switzerland do not provide individual breakdowns for EuroMillions prizes.

Bear in mind that countries like the UK and France have the largest populations of all the participating countries, so there are more tickets bought and more prizes won. Because of that, these are the countries that have seen the biggest gains over the last few draws.

Jackpot Cap Provides Huge Boost to Prizes

EuroMillions is in uncharted territory at the moment and the reason is that it has gone three draws at the jackpot cap – never before has that happened.

Now that it is at the cap, any money that would normally have gone to increase the jackpot is instead shared between players in the second prize tier. In the draw on Tuesday 1st October, seven players matched five numbers and a Lucky Star to win £1.7 million / €2.2 million each in a category where the average prize is £270,000.

As a result, a huge amount of money has been given away over the last few draws despite there being no jackpot winner. The chart below shows how much prize money has been awarded in each EuroMillions draw since 23rd July; you can see how dramatically the prizes have increased recently:

This will continue in the next draw on Friday, regardless of whether someone wins the jackpot or not. If no one does win it, you can expect this graph to shoot off the scale for the subsequent draw, as the entire €190 million will be shared between winners in the second tier if no one hits the jackpot.

Previous Stats Point to a Jackpot Winner On Friday

Every EuroMillions draw is its own unique event and is not influenced by past results, so no one can predict with certainty when a jackpot will be won. That being said, some statistics from previous draws suggest that this Friday’s draw could be the one where we see a big winner. 

To start simply: more tickets are bought and more jackpots are won in Friday draws than Tuesday draws. To date, 321 (78.1%) of the 411 EuroMillions jackpots ever won have been won on a Friday. That in itself offers a good reason to believe this Friday might be the big one, especially with the increased interest caused by the €190 million jackpot.

What’s more, October is one of the busiest months for jackpot winners; 37 winners have been crowned in the month of October, behind only September (41) and January (40). To narrow that down even further, the period over the last weekend of September and the first week of October has seen more jackpot winners than any other comparable period in EuroMillions history. Specifically, there have been eight jackpots awarded in draws that took place on 30th September, and another six have been won on 5th October.

Now, these statistics don’t uncover any patterns in the way draws turn out, but instead show how the extra interest generated by big jackpots comes to a head at around this time of year. In the past, EuroMillions Superdraws have been scheduled in September and they generate a lot of additional excitement. People who would never usually purchase lottery tickets might decide to have a go when the jackpot reaches nine figures; someone who usually buys two lines might buy five to try and hit the big prize.

This all increases the chance that the jackpot is going to be won. One thing that can be stated with certainty is that the jackpot definitely will be given away in the next two draws. If it’s not won on Friday 4th, a Must Be Won draw will be held on Tuesday 8th, in which the prize money is guaranteed to be given away.

EuroMillions is set to make history over the next week, one way or another, so there’s no better time to be involved.

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Published: Wed, 2 October 2019 - 2:28pm
Last Updated: Fri, 6 January 2023 - 4:24pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com