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Check Your Tickets: EuroMillions Jackpot Winner Still Hasn’t Come Forward

National Lottery officials in the UK are still waiting for the winner of last week’s EuroMillions jackpot to come forward and claim their prize. Players have been urged to check their tickets as soon as possible to ensure there is no chance of missing out on the £57.9 million windfall.

*UPDATE: The jackpot has now been claimed. Find out more after the UK winner came forward.

What Were The Winning Numbers?

The winning numbers for the draw on Tuesday 10th July were 3, 8, 26, 33 and 45, with Lucky Stars 7 and 10. Someone in the UK became the country’s 73rd jackpot winner as they matched all the numbers to end a run of five consecutive rollovers, but there has been no word from the winner since.

When Does The Winner Have to Come Forward?

All National Lottery prizes in the UK must be claimed within 180 days of the draw taking place, so the big jackpot winner could leave it until 6th January 2019 to come forward. If they fail to meet this deadline, the money will instead go to the Good Causes Fund and be used to support charitable projects throughout the country.

There is still time on the lucky player’s side and it could be that the winner is just letting the news sink in before making their claim, but lottery operator Camelot is keen to make sure that everyone looks back at their tickets to see if they have won.

World Cup Frenzy or Summer Holiday?

Andy Carter, the lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor, said: “We're urging all EuroMillions players to check their tickets as soon as possible but, in our experience, prize winners do not always come forward immediately after the draw.

“We often find that players have routines and check their tickets once a fortnight, once a month or wait even longer to check a batch of tickets. Maybe the missing ticket-holder has been caught up in the World Cup frenzy. On the same evening as the EuroMillions draw, Belgium and France played their semi-final which was, of course, the night before England played Croatia at the same stage of the competition.

“Or the ticket-holder might not be a football fan but could have gone away on their summer holidays, not realising they have won. Whatever the reason, we're urging all EuroMillions players to make it their goal to check their tickets as someone will score a cool £57.9 million.”

What Happens Now?

If the prize remains unclaimed for another few days, Camelot will reveal more information about where the ticket was bought to try and jog players’ memories. This is likely to happen around 24th July.

If you bought a EuroMillions ticket for the draw on 10th July and discover that you are the big winner, you can stake your claim by contacting the UK National Lottery. You will then be able to make arrangements for your win to be validated and your prize to be awarded at an agreed location. Visit the How to Claim page to learn more about collecting your winnings.

Even if you missed out on the eight-figure jackpot this time around, there is always another draw around the corner. The top prize is up to £24 million for Friday night after a rollover last night, and you can get involved now for your chance to win. If you take part online there is no danger of you missing out on your money as you will be notified automatically if you win.

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Published: Wed, 18 July 2018 - 9:30am
Last Updated: Thu, 26 July 2018 - 10:38am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com