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EuroMillions Jackpot Set To Be Paid After Claims Deadline Passes

The deadline for claiming the £57 million EuroMillions jackpot from 17th March has passed. However, the prize is still set to be paid out after National Lottery bosses confirmed they were in the final stages of validating a claim.

The mystery player matched the numbers 5, 7, 8, 16 and 20, plus Lucky Stars 2 and 12. It was revealed a couple of weeks after the draw that the ticket was purchased in South Ayrshire in Scotland. Like all National Lottery prizes, the winner had 180 days from the date of the draw to come forward and claim their prize. 

It was announced in April that a claim had been staked, but the jackpot remained on the list of unclaimed prizes all the way through until the cut-off time of 11:59pm on Sunday. The ticket has now expired, so it is too late for anyone new to make contact about a claim, but the winner could still get their hands on the eight-figure fortune.

A spokeswoman for Camelot explained: “We can confirm that we are currently finalising the validation of a claim made on this prize and are in the process of arranging for payment to be made to the ticket-holder.

"Once the prize has been fully validated and paid, we'll issue confirmation of that - but there will be no further updates before then.

"Please note that we don't comment on the details of individual prize claims and that, unless the winner of a major National Lottery prize opts to take publicity and signs an agreement to that effect, no further information can be released about their win."

How The Claims Process Works

To claim a prize of more than £50,000, you must contact the National Lottery within 180 days to arrange to receive your prize in person. A rigorous validation process then ensures that your ticket is indeed the winner, and that it has not been mutilated or tampered with in any way.

It is possible to claim prizes if your entry has been damaged or even lost, but you must appeal to the National Lottery within 30 days of the draw and provide sufficient details to prove that you purchased the winning ticket. 

If the National Lottery is satisfied that your claim is valid, you can then receive your payment after the 180-day claim period has come to an end.

Once a ticket has expired, it is no longer possible to come forward and receive any prizes it would have been due. If the National Lottery cannot pay out, it will give the money to Good Causes to help worthy projects across the UK.

The largest unclaimed prize in UK history was a £63 million jackpot from 2012. The winner had bought their ticket in the Stevenage and Hitchin area and a campaign was launched to try and find the mystery player, but nobody stepped forward in time.

It is your responsibility as a player to make sure you keep tickets safe and then claim any prizes you win. Use the Checker to find out if your numbers have won, or take part online to guarantee that they stay secure.

Written by

Published: Mon, 14 September 2020 - 1:42pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com