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French Winners Receive €157 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

The third-biggest winners in French lottery history have set their sights on travelling the world, supporting charities and helping family members after coming forward to claim their €157 million EuroMillions jackpot.

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The giant top prize was put up for grabs on Tuesday 1st September following 11 rollovers in a row. Only one ticket matched all the numbers - 4, 8, 10, 33 and 46, plus Lucky Stars 8 and 11 - setting a new high mark for the largest EuroMillions win of 2020.

The prize has now been paid out to a lucky couple, who purchased their entry in the Sélestat commune of Bas-Rhin in North-East France. They have decided to remain anonymous but they have revealed some details about their plans for the future and how they chose their numbers.

Big EuroMillions Winners

Regular Loto players, they only take part in EuroMillions occasionally when the jackpot gets big. They like to choose a mixture of random numbers and one or two that are significant to them. “We always add a date of birth or our street number to the grid,” said the couple as they were presented with their winnings.

Recalling how they felt when they found out they had won, the woman revealed that they were unable to sleep all night. She said they had happened to watch a movie about Cinderella during the day and found it hard to believe that their own fairytale had actually come true. “I felt like I was Cinderella, with the hope that it was all real and that the carriage wouldn't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.”

The winners had always previously kept their lottery winnings in a small box at home so they could splash out on the odd treat. They will continue to enjoy simple pleasures, with a new computer and a new watch already on the shopping list, but they can also think about what else they would like to do.

“The box is probably too small to accommodate our winnings,” they laughed, adding that they would certainly share some of the wealth with relatives and charitable organisations, particularly those that support children in need.

The couple, in their forties, are also excited about discovering new places around the world and making the most of all the opportunities that the jackpot will give to them. However, they know they may have to be patient before they travel too much, joking: “All doors are open to us now but the borders are closed.”

There have only been two bigger wins ever seen in France, which both came more than seven years ago. The record belongs to a player from Alpes-Maritimes who landed €169 million in November 2012, while a ticket holder from Calvados had also scooped €162 million in September 2011. Go to the Winners page to see all the biggest jackpots from each participating country.

Another huge jackpot is just around the corner, with a Superdraw on 25th September offering a top prize of €130 million. Whether you would have similar plans for a big win as the French couple or other ideas, you need to pick up an entry to be in with a chance. Go to any authorised retailer or take part online.

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Published: Tue, 15 September 2020 - 10:22am
Last Updated: Tue, 15 September 2020 - 10:25am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com