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EuroMillions Players Are Guaranteed to Win €190 Million on Tuesday 8th October

For the first time ever, the EuroMillions jackpot has remained at its cap of €190 million for four consecutive draws so is guaranteed to be won in the next draw on 8th October.

The jackpot has stubbornly defied the odds to remain out of reach of EuroMillions players for 22 consecutive draws. The last time it was won was on Friday 19th July, when a ticket holder from Spain took home €107 million. The jackpot reset to €17 million in the following draw and has since gone from that starting value all the way to the €190 million jackpot cap.

The most recent draw on Friday 4th October was just the latest in a string of surprising results stretching back nearly three months. Interest in the draw was high, with nearly 60 million entries being sold. None of them, however, matched the winning line of 6, 9, 35, 41, and 44, with Lucky Stars 6 and 9, so the jackpot will go one more draw.

Must Be Won Draw Takes Place On Tuesday 8th October

It’s the first time in the history of EuroMillions that the jackpot has climbed all the way from its base value to the jackpot and then on to a Must Be Won draw. If you’re wondering how the Must Be Won draw will work, it’s easy:

  1. Buy your EuroMillions entries as normal before the draw on Tuesday 8th October
  2. The draw will proceed in exactly the same way as any other. Five numbers and two Lucky Stars will be drawn
  3. If at least one player matches all of those numbers, they will win the €190 million jackpot, just as in any other draw
  4. If no one matches all the numbers, the entire €190 million will be shared between the next prize tier in which there are winners. That’s likely to be the tier for matching five numbers plus one Lucky Star
  5. The jackpot will then reset to its starting value of €17 million for the following draw on Friday 11th October

For example, if no one matches all the numbers to win the jackpot and 10 players match five numbers plus one Lucky Star, they will each receive an equal share of the €190 million – €19 million – on top of the prize money they would have got anyway for winning in that tier.

It means that you could potentially win a prize bigger than the starting EuroMillions jackpot without even having to match all the numbers. Tickets for this one are going to be popular, so it’s more important than ever to get yours early, whether in-store or online.


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Published: Fri, 4 October 2019 - 10:28pm
Last Updated: Tue, 8 October 2019 - 10:29am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

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