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EuroMillions Reaches New Jackpot Cap of €210 Million

The largest EuroMillions jackpot of all time rolled over on Friday night, pushing the top prize up even higher to it's limit of €210 million for the next draw on Tuesday. Find out what happens now that the jackpot cap has been reached.

Highest European Jackpot Ever

Millions of players across Europe rushed to enter Friday’s draw for the chance to win the record-breaking jackpot. Many were rewarded with prizes, but nobody matched all the numbers - 4, 12, 25, 46 and 48, with Lucky Stars 7 and 12. Visit the prize breakdown page for 19th February to view all prizes won.

As the jackpot rolled over, it will now hit its limit of €210 million next time out. This is €10 million higher than the current mark for the biggest payout in the history of EuroMillions. A French player landed that €200 million prize on 11th December, and now the record is set to be smashed for the second time this winter.

It will also be the largest lottery jackpot ever seen in Europe, eclipsing the €209 million that was won by a player in Italy’s SuperEnalotto in August 2019.

Maximum EuroMillions Jackpot  

As soon as the jackpot reaches €210 million, new rules will come into effect. These won’t impact on how you play the game at all, but you may well enjoy the benefits if you become a big winner.

No more funds can be added to the jackpot beyond €210 million, so this prize money instead goes to the highest category in which there are winners. There could be millions more than usual in this prize tier, so there’s a chance you could win a seven-figure sum even without matching all the numbers.

The jackpot will stay at €210 million until it is won or until four draws have passed. In the fifth draw at this value, which would be the night of Tuesday 9th March if it keeps going, the jackpot would have to be won. If this happens, the full jackpot amount will roll down to the next tier, so the whole €210 million could end up being split between players who match five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

As soon as the top prize is won, the jackpot cap will be lifted to €220 million for the future, setting up the possibility of another record in the coming months. Head over to the Jackpot Cap page to find out more about how it works.

If you fancy trying to win the biggest jackpot that has ever been offered in EuroMillions, you can pick your numbers online or go to an authorised retailer in one of the participating countries.

Written by

Published: Fri, 19 February 2021 - 9:09pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com