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EuroMillions: 20 UK Millionaires Draw on 18th September

EuroMillions will create a guaranteed 20 UK millionaires in the supplementary Millionaire Maker draw on Friday 18th September. Each EuroMillions entry you buy guarantees one entry into the additional raffle draw. The event follows hot on the heels of a similar raffle that gave away £10 million on 7th August.

The raffle has been scheduled as part of what the National Lottery has called ‘Big September.’ Twenty winning codes, each worth £1 million, will be drawn in the UK Millionaire Maker raffle on 18th September - if you have the winning code on your ticket, you win one of the million-pound prizes.

To enter the special Millionaire Maker raffle, all you need to do is purchase a line of EuroMillions numbers in the UK for the draw on Friday 18th September. You will get a unique code on your ticket for every line of numbers that you buy, and if it matches one of the 20 winning codes selected on the night, you win £1 million.

One Millionaire Maker code is selected as part of every EuroMillions draw, and only codes linked to tickets that have been purchased are entered into the raffle, so winners are guaranteed. The odds of winning depend on how many lines are sold for a particular draw, which in turn can heavily depend on the size of the EuroMillions jackpot.

The jackpot currently stands at £126 million and if it’s not won before 18th September it will likely have hit its €200 million cap, so there will be a lot of interest in the draw. The last time a capped jackpot was on offer in a Friday draw was on 4th October 2019. The payouts for that draw suggest that somewhere in the region of eight million lines were sold in the UK.

In a standard edition of the UK Millionaire Maker raffle, that would mean you would have a one in eight million chance of having the winning code. In a draw with 20 winning codes, those odds would be slashed to just 1 in 400,000.

There’s one other big reason why EuroMillions will be the game to play in the coming weeks: the £126 million (€140 million) jackpot currently on offer. The top prize has rolled over for 10 consecutive draws and will soon be approaching that new €200 million jackpot cap, a sum that has never been offered in the history of EuroMillions. 

The EuroMillions jackpot was near to reaching its cap at around this time last year. It climbed from £125 million on Friday 6th September to hit its cap on Tuesday 24th September - a span of five draws (it was just a few hundred thousand below the cap on 20th September). 

Five draws from now would take us to Friday 11th September. Add one more to account for the fact that the cap is now €10 million higher than it was in October, and we can predict that the EuroMillions jackpot will hit its cap on Tuesday 15th September if it’s not won by then. This is purely speculative as it largely depends on the number of entries sold in that time, but if it’s not that exact draw, it will be around that time.

That would make for an incredibly exciting month, and would add to the National Lottery’s ‘Big September.’ There’s potentially that nine-figure jackpot to be won between now and the end of September, in addition to the 20 guaranteed UK millionaires and the last special event of the month - the £115 million Superdraw.

If it happens that the current jackpot is not won before the Superdraw - it will have hit its cap before then but may not yet be won - then the funds earmarked for the special event will be held in reserve for a future draw. EuroMillions players everywhere will be keeping their fingers crossed that it is won before then, as that will mean there’s at least £250 million in jackpot prize money up for grabs in the next month.

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Published: Wed, 26 August 2020 - 2:46pm
Last Updated: Fri, 28 August 2020 - 12:48pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com