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How To Boost Your EuroMillions Chances For Friday’s £135 Million Draw

There will be an opportunity to win one of the largest EuroMillions jackpots in history on Friday night after the top prize rocketed to a mammoth £135 million (€151 million). But how did the jackpot get so high and how can you improve your chances of becoming a multimillionaire?

Superdraw Jackpot Keeps Rolling

It would normally take an extended run of rollovers to produce a jackpot of such vast proportions, but a Superdraw last week pushed the top prize up to a guaranteed €130 million (£116.8 million). Nobody won the Superdraw, and the jackpot rolled over again on Tuesday night. Go to the results page to find out the latest winning numbers and see a full prize breakdown.

If you are lucky enough to land the full £135 million to yourself on Friday, you will become the biggest winner since a ticket holder from Gran Canaria won the maximum €190 million (£170 million) almost a year ago, on 6th October 2017. A jackpot of £155.5 million in February this year was split between two participants.

Another few rollovers could see the jackpot hit its cap again, but the target for players from London to Lisbon this week will be to try and pocket the cash while it is available. There are all sorts of techniques for choosing numbers which you might like to consider, but how can you actually boost your chances of winning?

More Ways To Win With A Syndicate

There is only way guaranteed way to win the jackpot and that is to buy tickets with every possible combination, but with over 139 million different combinations and just a few days between draws, that’s neither a practical solution nor a cheap one. A smarter alternative might be to join a syndicate, giving you extra ways to win but also keeping costs down.

If you buy a ticket on your own, you have just one chance to win. If you purchase ten entries, you have ten chances to win but the cost increases proportionately.  With a syndicate of ten players paying for the equivalent of one ticket each, you still have ten chances to win but you are not splashing any more cash.

Syndicate winnings are split between everyone in the group, but when the jackpot is worth as much as £135 million there is more than enough to go around. Even if you shared this amount amongst ten of you, the £13.5 million you would each receive would still be a larger prize than most regular lottery jackpots.

How Popular Are Syndicates?

The UK National Lottery has estimated that one in five top prizes are won by syndicates, and there are lots of different ways to play in a group. Around two-thirds of syndicates in 2017 were groups of work colleagues, while other options are to join forces with friends, neighbours or family members. If you are thinking of setting up your own group, it is a good idea to establish a syndicate agreement to make the conditions of playing clear, such as how prizes will be split and who is responsible for buying tickets.

The easiest type of syndicate is one that is organised for you online. Rather than finding a host of other people to team up with, you just join an online syndicate and decide how many shares you want to buy. The rest of the work is done for you. The more shares you purchase, the bigger your cut of any prize money the syndicate receives.

Go to the EuroMillions Syndicates page to learn more about groups of players who have won by playing together, along with what you should include in an agreement if you are thinking of setting up your own group. Giant EuroMillions jackpots like this do not come around all the time, so make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to win!

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Published: Wed, 26 September 2018 - 1:48pm
Last Updated: Wed, 26 September 2018 - 6:00pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

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