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Which Countries Were Luckiest in 100 Millionaires Draw?

The first special EuroMillions draw of 2022 saw 100 new millionaires created across Europe on Friday 21st January. Find out how the prizes were spread out between the different countries.

First European Millionaire Maker Since 2018

Friday’s big event was the first European Millionaire Maker since 2018, and guaranteed that 100 players would each win a prize worth €1 million. It worked like a raffle, with winning codes drawn at random.

Everyone who had purchased a ticket was automatically entered, regardless of where they played from, but the codes started with different letters for each of the nine participating nations.

It turned out that France was the luckiest country, with 28 winners out of 100. The UK came second with 24, followed by Spain with 18 and Portugal with 10. In the UK, the National Lottery topped up the prize amounts for each winner to £1 million each.

Country Number of Prizes
France 28
UK 24
Spain 18
Portugal 10
Belgium 8
Switzerland 6
Austria 3
Ireland 3
Luxembourg 0

Go to the European Millionaire Maker page to see a full list of all the winning codes. You can also use the Checker to find out if you have won - enter your raffle code and the numbers you played in the main game.

If you’re a winner, you’ll need to come forward to claim your prize before it expires. Take a look at the How to Claim page to find out what you need to do to get hold of your money and how long you’ve got to do it.

Special EuroMillions Draws

There have only been two other Europe-wide raffle events of this kind in EuroMIllions history, and both previous draws only produced 25 winners each.

Euro-Millions.com will publish the date of the next European Millionaire Maker as soon as it is announced, but in the meantime there is another special draw to look forward to on Friday 4th February, when the first Superdraw of the year will be held. The jackpot will be pushed up to a guaranteed €130 million (approximately £110 million).

The jackpot was not won on Friday night, but the 100 Millionaires Raffle ensured that there were celebrations throughout the continent. The top prize will be worth an estimated £25 million for Tuesday night, and you can take part online or by visiting an authorised retailer.

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Published: Mon, 24 January 2022 - 10:25am
Last Updated: Mon, 24 January 2022 - 10:34am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com