Coronavirus & EuroMillions: How to Play Online

How to play EuroMillions online safely

EuroMillions draws are scheduled to continue as normal amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, the spread of Covid-19 has forced governments around the world to bring in extreme measures, leading to questions from our users about how to keep playing EuroMillions in the nine participating countries.

Note: This page will be updated as any further information is released that may affect how you can play EuroMillions in any of the participating countries.

The easiest and safest way to ensure you don't miss a draw is to take part online. This means you can still enjoy the game from home, while there is also the added security of knowing that your numbers can never get lost or damaged. Find out here about the impact of coronavirus on EuroMillions in different countries and what you need to know about playing the game at the current time.

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Entering EuroMillions Draws in the UK

At the time of writing (24/03/2020), it's still possible to choose your EuroMillions numbers online and in-store across the UK.

Following the UK Government’s announcement that the country has entered a state of lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, opting to choose your EuroMillions numbers online rather than in-store is a safe option.

By entering online, you reduce physical contact with others and your entries will be stored safely in your online account.

FAQs for UK EuroMillions players

Can I still buy tickets in-store in the UK?

Yes, National Lottery tickets can still be purchased in some stores. Shops such as supermarkets, which sell essential goods, will remain open during the lockdown.

The UK Government has stated that during the lockdown people can leave their homes to shop for “basic necessities” such as food and medicine. When you do go out to shop for goods like these you will also be able to purchase lottery tickets.

Some shops have introduced measures to reduce contact, though, such as only accepting card/contactless payments, rather than handling cash.

Can I pick my EuroMillions numbers online?

Yes, it's possible to choose your numbers online. Use the button below, where you will be taken to select your five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers the same way you would in a shop.

Choose my EuroMillions numbers online

Once you have paid for your entries, you will be able to view them in your online account. In the event of a win, you will receive an email notification, informing you that you should check your account.

Are online sales suspended now that the country has gone into lockdown?

No, online sales are not suspended. The UK National Lottery has stated that it expects draws to continue as normal. If the situation regarding retail stores changes, there is no reason why online sales would cease.

You can choose your numbers online and enter multiple draws in advance, ensuring that your numbers will be entered into all draws for your selected period.

Are any EuroMillions draws being cancelled?

There has been no news to suggest that any EuroMillions draws will be cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Draws take place in Paris every Tuesday and Friday and have continued during the restrictions in France so far. Should this change, this page will be updated accordingly.

Ticket sales for EuroMillions have been suspended in Spain as of Sunday 15th March while the country is in lockdown. This means that only existing tickets purchased in advance from previous weeks are still valid for the draws on 17th and 20th March. Once the State of Alarm in Spain has been lifted, it is likely that sales will resume.

What is the National Lottery doing to support people?

The National Lottery will give up to £300 million to support community projects battling the coronavirus outbreak. The money for good causes is generated from ticket sales for all National Lottery games, including EuroMillions. It is distributed across various sectors in normal times but the focus at the moment will be on providing aid to those that are most vulnerable.

Can I still play in advance as normal?

The UK National Lottery has reduced how far in advance you can enter draws. It is only possible to play up to and including the draw on Tuesday 14th April, and the situation will be constantly assessed for what should happen beyond that date. While there are no plans to suspend draws, the change to the advance play rules have been made due to the uncertainty over whether they will be able to go on as scheduled for long. Find out more about these changes to playing EuroMillions in the UK.

The list below shows how many draws can be played in advance via the National Lottery in the UK and Ireland.

  • Saturday 21st March onwards - Advance Play available for the next six draws.
  • Saturday 28th March onwards - Advance Play available for the next four draws.
  • Saturday 4th April onwards - Advance Play available for the next two draws.
  • From Saturday 11th April onwards - Only single draw ticket sales available.

How to Play EuroMillions Online in Spain

Loterias y Apuestas, the official operator of EuroMillions in Spain, suspended all ticket sales from 15th March 2020. Tickets that had already been sold for the EuroMillions draws on 17th and 20th March remain valid, but it is not currently possible to purchase further tickets in-store.

You cannot purchase any tickets through points of sale during the suspension, however it is possible to play EuroMillions online through a concierge service. By playing this way, your tickets are purchased in a different country and they will be stored in an online account for you.

Please note that any lottery tickets that have already been sold in Spain for non-EuroMillions games will still be valid, however the draws will take place at a later date.

Ticket sales will resume when the state of alarm has ended, with the exact date to be determined. The state of emergency is set to last at least two weeks.

FAQs for Spanish Players

Read some FAQs about the suspension of lottery sales in Spain below:

Can I Still Buy EuroMillions Tickets in Spain?

Yes, to purchase EuroMillions tickets online from Spain, click the "Play Online from Spain" button below.

Play Online from Spain

Note: As you are purchasing tickets for the non-Spanish version of EuroMillions, you will not receive your El Millón raffle code and will not be entered into the additional €1 million draw.

You will be directed to one of our recommended concierge websites, where you will be able to choose your numbers, and tickets will be purchased on your behalf in another participating EuroMillions country.

Your tickets will then be scanned and a copy saved in your online account. If you win a prize, your winnings will be paid into your account, or alternatively you will be contacted in the event of a larger prize win.

As tickets are sold in Austria, the validity period for prizes is three years from the date of a draw, so there is no immediate rush to claim your winnings in the event of a jackpot win. You will also be automatically entered into the Austria Bonus draw to give you a chance to win €100,000.

What Happens If I Have Already Bought A Ticket?

If you purchased a EuroMillions ticket in Spain for the draws on Tuesday 17th and Friday 20th March, your tickets will still be valid for those draws.

If you have bought a ticket for any other state lottery game (not EuroMillions), your ticket will still be valid, once the draws resume after the Royal Decree declaring the state of alarm in Spain has ended.

Will I Still Be Able to Claim Prizes?

The claim period for prizes is suspended during the state of alarm, so you do not need to worry about missing out on claiming any winnings on existing tickets you have.

You cannot claim prizes below €2,000 at a Loterias y Apuestas point of sale during the term of the Royal Decree. However, if you have any funds in your Loterias y Apuestas lotobolsa (wallet), you will still be able to claim them online through the website.

Any prizes over the value of €2,000 can also still be claimed from payment centres or banks that remain open. However, it is recommended that you wait until the end of the term of the Royal Decree.

Playing EuroMillions in France

France is the country where EuroMillions draws are held every Tuesday and Friday evening, and tickets are still on sale. However, with emergency restrictions announced to combat coronavirus, citizens are only allowed to leave home to work or buy essential supplies such as food and medicine.

You can purchase tickets from points of sale where they remain open, but playing online is a safer and easier option.

FAQs for Playing EuroMillions in France

Find out more information about playing EuroMillions in France during lockdown with these frequently asked questions.

Can I Still Play EuroMillions in France?

Yes. You can play EuroMillions from France as normal despite the Coronavirus outbreak.

How do I Buy Tickets if I'm Staying at Home?

While tickets are still available from some points of sale, you are only allowed to go out to purchase essential goods. To keep playing EuroMillions, you should take part online. It is simple to play online without leaving home. Your numbers will be kept secure and you will be notified automatically if you are a winner.

Every EuroMillions country is having to cope with coronavirus and various actions have been taken everywhere to try and stem the tide. These measures have made a big difference to everyday life, but lottery draws have not been suspended anywhere yet apart from Spain.

While national lotteries are currently continuing to operate as normal, the health and safety of their employees and players remains the priority and extra restrictions could be introduced in future. You can still buy EuroMillions tickets from authorised retailers, but entering draws online is safer and easier.


It is still possible to purchase EuroMillions tickets online and in-store in Ireland. There have, however, been some restrictions set by the Irish National Lottery in relation to prize claims, for the safety of employees and players.

A number of staff have been told to work remotely from home during the outbreak, while a limited number of staff members will continue to work at Lottery headquarters in Dublin to facilitate the draws and the claiming of prizes.

If you win a prize worth more than €15,000, it must be claimed at the Lottery headquarters, however due to the current circumstances, any winners that would need to visit the Dublin offices are asked to contact prior to their visit. You can reach the Irish National Lottery claims team on 1800 666 222 or 01 836 4444.

Play online from Ireland


While there are restrictions in place in Austria that include a ban on all social gatherings of five or more people, it is still possible to play EuroMillions.

Residents are advised only to visit shops for essentials such as food, so playing online is a much safer option.

The Austrian Lottery (Österreichische Lotterien) has said that the nation's Lotto game will continue as usual, however it will not be televised. Sports-related lottery games are likely to see disruption as a result of wider cancellations to matches aroud the world.

Austrian residents are able to purchase entries online using the link below:

Play online from Austria


As of midday on Wednesday 18th March, residents in Belgium are only allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons, in particular to purchase food, for health reasons and to help others.

It is therefore possible to purchase tickets in retail shops that are open and sell EuroMillions tickets, however it is safer to purchase your entries online, as this avoids any unneccesary visits to shops or standing in queues.

If you are visiting this page from Belgium, you can use the link below to purchase your entries online:

Play online from Belgium


Like many other nations in Europe, Luxembourg has declared a 'state of crisis'. Residents have been asked to stay at home, and should only leave for urgent and unavoidable trips.

Purchasing entries for EuroMillions online in Luxembourg is quick and easy, while also reducing the need to leave your home:

Play online from Luxembourg


In Portugal, a state of emergency has been declared, with new measures coming into place from Thursday 19th March until 2nd April at the earliest.

As is the case with other countries, the safest way to play is online as it reduces social contact with others. Entries are stored in your online account after payment, and you will be notified automatically of any wins.

Play online from Portugal


As of Monday 16th March 2020, a state of emergency was declared in Switzerland, due to last until at least 19th April. As a result, all shops, bars, restaurants, leisure and entertainment facilities are closed. Food shops, fuel stations, pharmacies and health-related facilities will remain open.

As many shops and facilities are closed, the simplest way to get your EuroMillions entries while avoiding queuing and unneccesary contact with others is to play online.

Play online from Switzerland

This page was last updated on 01/04/2020.