How to Spend €100 Million

EuroMillions jackpots have a guaranteed minimum value of £15 million (€17 million), and thanks to rollovers and Superdraws, the top prize can sometimes exceed €100 million, at which point players’ imaginations begin to run wild with plans for spending this nine-figure sum.

Here are some ways in which you can live the multimillionaire lifestyle to the maximum and make the most of a €100 million EuroMillions windfall.

London Mansion
Live on the UK's Richest Street

Property company Zoopla rates London’s pricey Kensington Palace Gardens as the UK’s highest value address. With €100 million in the bank, you could easily afford to move into the neighbourhood, which has an average property price estimated at a cool €44.5 million.

The street is a stone’s throw away from attractions such as the Science Museum, Royal Albert Hall and the beauty of Hyde Park, whilst being in prime position to allow you to pop out for a shopping spree on the famous King’s Road in Chelsea. The street sits in front of Kensington Palace itself, home to members of the Royal Family.

Have a Party in Space

Virgin Galactic, founded by Sir Richard Branson in 2004, is a space tourism company which offers tickets aboard its commercial spacecraft for an estimated €215,000 each. You will need to complete three days of training before flying, but you’ll easily be able to afford the fee to take a trip of a lifetime orbiting the earth at the very edge of space.

Why not purchase more than one and throw a party in space for memories that would last a lifetime? Forget hiring a swish club in the West End of London or a sprawling stately home amid the moors and lochs of Scotland, because for a little over €42 million you could have a 200-strong guestlist for an interstellar birthday celebration in zero-gravity.

Private Island
Own a Private Island

You will obviously want to chase the sun as a newly minted multi-millionaire, but even the most exclusive resorts can sometimes be ruined by noisy neighbours. To ensure that you find the perfect peaceful getaway destination, you could buy your own island, like Apo in the Philippines.

For €61 million, you will own this mountainous idyll, rich in fruit trees and palm-fringed white sandy beaches. A portion of your remaining millions would allow you to build a luxurious mansion on the island, leaving you to fill your days with relaxation, taking in the sun and diving in the crystal clear waters that surround your own private paradise.

Football Team
Buy a Football Team

When you read interviews with lottery winners, they often mention that they intend to buy a season ticket for their favourite football or rugby team as a priority. With a nine-figure windfall nestling in your bank account, it is possible to buy an entire club.

Take Premier League outfit Cardiff City as an example; Vincent Tan, the owner of The Bluebirds, was reportedly willing to sell the club for €56.3 million in March 2017. Buying the club at this price would be easily affordable given your new-found wealth, with half of your winnings still left over. Imagine presiding over a match at the Cardiff City Stadium, drinking in the atmosphere of the crowd whilst the players do the hard work on the pitch.

Wine Company
Invest in the World’s Most Expensive Red Wine

Some people set about assembling an enviable wine cellar when they become wealthy, but you could take that to an extreme thanks to your €100 million fortune. In January 2018, a six-litre bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992 was valued at just over €428,000 per bottle, and it is widely regarded as the world’s most expensive red wine.

Were you to host a fancy dinner party, or have some friends and family over to celebrate your big EuroMillions win, you could dazzle your guests with your excellent choice of award-winning wine and stock up the cellar while you’re at it.