Participating Countries

EuroMillions tickets are available in nine European countries. France, Spain and the UK were the first nations to offer the game when it started in February 2004, before Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland joined in October 2004. Find out more about how successful each country has been and any major differences in how EuroMillions is played across the continent.

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  • Joined: 8th October 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 17
  • Total Winners: 155,285,059
  • Last Jackpot Won: €45,447,459 - 4th September 2018
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: €130,000,000 - Fri 8th February 2008

Tickets in Austria cost €2.50 and have a claim period of three years - longer than any other participating EuroMillions country. Entry to the ÖsterreichBonus draw is included in the price of a ticket, offering the chance to win €100,000 in every draw for free. You can also play Joker for a small additional fee, where you will be given six digits from 0 to 9 and can win prizes for matching the numbers in the same order they are drawn.

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  • Joined: 8th October 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 39
  • Total Winners: 225,961,342
  • Last Jackpot Won: €63,644,286 - 31st August 2021
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: €187,937,614 - Tue 25th June 2013

The Belgian National Lottery runs a game called My Bonus for all its EuroMillions players, which is included in the cost of a €2.50 ticket. You receive a raffle code for every line you purchase, and there are hundreds of winning codes drawn in every game. The standard prize is €500 per winner. Snippets of information are released about Belgian jackpot winners even if they decide to stay anonymous, such as the national record breaker in 2016 who revealed that he liked Robert De Niro, football and cooking with fish.

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  • Joined: 7th February 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 118
  • Total Winners: 897,458,239
  • Last Jackpot Won: €53,651,194 - 18th March 2022
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: €220,000,000 - Fri 15th October 2021

One French player is guaranteed to win €1 million in every draw thanks to the supplementary My Million game. You receive one free entry into My Million with every line of EuroMillions numbers, with the cost of a single play set at €2.50. You can also add Etoile+ to your ticket for a small extra fee, giving you extra ways to win and boosting the value of non-jackpot prizes.

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  • Joined: 8th October 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 19
  • Total Winners: 72,776,788
  • Last Jackpot Won: €30,928,078 - 11th February 2022
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: €187,937,614 - Tue 25th June 2013

You can play EuroMillions for €2.50 in Ireland, and you will be entered into the Ireland Only Raffle when you buy your ticket. There are ten winners of €5,000 in the Ireland Only Raffle in each game, and from time to time special draws take place to offer a guaranteed prize of €1 million. If you opt to play EuroMillions Plus, your five main EuroMillions numbers will be entered into extra draws for the chance to win prizes of up to €500,000.

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  • Joined: 8th October 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 3
  • Total Winners: 0
  • Last Jackpot Won: €28,601,720 - 24th January 2020
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: €65,793,284 - Fri 27th September 2013

Luxembourg is the smallest participating nation and had to wait the longest to celebrate its first jackpot win, when one lucky player landed €65.7 million in September 2013. Despite its tiny population, Luxembourg still produced three of the 25 winners in the inaugural European Millionaire Maker on 28th October 2016. It costs €2.50 per line to play EuroMillions in Luxembourg and you will automatically be entered into the Extra Lux draw, while you can also pay an additional fee to take part in Joker.

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  • Joined: 8th October 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 80
  • Total Winners: 463,028,573
  • Last Jackpot Won: €78,587,957 - 4th March 2022
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: €190,000,000 - Fri 24th October 2014

Every time you buy a line of EuroMillions numbers in Portugal you will receive a unique raffle code for the weekly M1lhão draw, which is all included in the cost of a €2.50 ticket. One winning M1lhão code will be randomly selected on the Friday evening and if you have the matching ticket you win €1 million. A player from Portugal scooped €190 million in October 2014, equalling the record at the time for the biggest win ever seen on EuroMillions. The winner decided to stay anonymous.

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  • Joined: 7th February 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 114
  • Total Winners: 638,636,767
  • Last Jackpot Won: €53,651,194 - 18th March 2022
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: €190,000,000 - Fri 6th October 2017

You pay €2.50 per line in Spain, and every time you play you also receive a free entry into the El Millón game. You will see a unique El Millón raffle code on your ticket, and if that is selected as the winning code for the draw you have entered, you win €1 million.

The player who won €190 million on Friday 6th October 2017 equalled the record for the largest jackpot ever won on EuroMillions at the time, after buying their winning ticket in Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria.

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  • Joined: 8th October 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 23
  • Total Winners: 208,339,349
  • Last Jackpot Won: CHF230,223,000 - 26th February 2021
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: CHF230,223,000 - Fri 26th February 2021

Switzerland offers two supplementary games alongside EuroMillions. If you opt to play 2 Chance, your five main numbers will be entered into a second draw for the chance to win up to CHF 150,000. In Super-Star, you will be given a five-digit code and must match all of them to win a jackpot of CHF 250,000. The cost of a EuroMillions ticket is CHF3.50.

A Swiss player broke the record for the country's biggest ever win on 26th February 2021 after landing a jackpot worth CHF230 million. The win surpassed the previous record of CHF183 million that was claimed in October 2018 and was the largest jackpot ever seen on EuroMillions at the time.

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  • Joined: 7th February 2004
  • Jackpot Wins: 116
  • Total Winners: 751,066,369
  • Last Jackpot Won: £184,262,899 - 10th May 2022
  • Biggest Jackpot Won: £184,262,899 - Tue 10th May 2022

In May 2022, Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucester won £184 million to become the country’s biggest-ever winners. It followed 14 draws without a winner, and broke the UK record that had previously been set by an anonymous player in October 2019.

The UK Millionaire Maker is a supplementary game in which you can win up to £1 million if the unique raffle code on your ticket matches the winning code selected on the night of every EuroMillions draw. You are automatically entered into the Millionaire Maker raffle if you buy a line of EuroMillions numbers in the UK.