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UK Monthly Bonus Draw

The Monthly Bonus Draw will offer UK EuroMillions players the opportunity to play for a share of a £1 million prize pot at the beginning of every month. By buying a EuroMillions ticket, you'll have another chance to win alongside the main game and UK Millionaire Maker.

How do Monthly Bonus Draws work?

Bonus Draws will be held separately from EuroMillions draws. They will take place once a month and will only be available to UK players. Everyone who buys a EuroMillions ticket in the UK will qualify to play in the following month's Bonus Draw.

When do draws take place?

The date of the first Monthly Bonus Draw will be confirmed in due course.

How do I enter the Monthly Bonus Draw?

Everyone who buys a UK EuroMillions ticket can enter into the following month's Bonus Draw. For example:


Tickets purchased online are automatically entered into the draw. Tickets purchased through authorised National Lottery retailers will need to be registered online to be entered into the Monthly Bonus Draw.

History of the Monthly Bonus Draw

The introduction of the UK Monthly Bonus Draw was announced in the summer of 2016 when it was revealed that a host of EuroMillions Changes would come into effect in late September of that year.